Streamlight stylus pro

hello, what do you think of the streamlight stylus pro??? I heard volwest, an expatriate survivalist in Montana recommend this lamp in EDC. According to him it is the perfect tactical flashlight; 1 single switch, 1 mode, the 100 lumens are sufficient, 8 hours of autonomy! 2 AAA batteries are everywhere and finally it can be used as a KUBOTAN impact tool.

I like the Stylus pro, slim and easy to carry with very good run time - not very throwy, so it is not good for long distance and the switch is kind of hard to click for constant on, though momentary is easy. I use eneloops/eneloop Pros as these are rechargeable and don’t leak like alkalines do.

thank you! do you have the same autonomy with these rechargeable batteries?

Don’t know because I never use alkalines. I got about 7 hrs run time on standard eneloops when running it continuously as a lantern with 3D printed diffuser and base. Eneloop pros should run over 8 hours.

ok did you notice if the 100 lumens lasted 7 hours or was there a big decrease.

It gradually decreases, but it’s not really noticeable. 100 lumens is more than you need for most things anyway.

It is probably an artifact of the translator that you use, but clarify for me what you mean by “autonomy”, please. Are you referring to “run time” ? As in the length of time the device will produce some level of output? I am not trying to be a smart **s. Just making sure I understand you.

Bonjour par exemple streamlight stylus 100l 8h d’autonomie

I get it. Unfortunately the French term autonomie may translate directly to autonomy in English, the usage for flashlights run time is not accurate.

Anyway, at least I know what you mean, as confusing on first look as it might be for a native English speaker.

Thanks for the clarification!

hello, I received the stylus pro today, the lamp has a fairly wide illumination for 100 lumens. the only problem I have is unscrewing the back cap to put the batteries in. the wire seems fragile and badly greased, we hear a grinding noise when loosening. but overall seems solid. thanks for your advice.