Strip light recommendation?

Hello all. I am trying to find some led strip lights to put under my 5yo’s bunk bed. The perimeter is about 20 feet. I prefer to order from Amazon to make sure I get it before Christmas. But, I can’t decipher what’s junk and what’s legit from the reviews. I would like warm or neutral white, rgb, dimmable, and a remote. Can anyone offer any pointers? Thanks in advance.

If going for warm or neutral white I would recommend you go for 2835 (Not 3528)with at least 60 LEDs per meter.
Look for a waterproof strip which has a clear epoxy coating on top of the strip since it will protect the LEDs from dust.
Choose a 12V model since there are a lot of dimmers available for 12V versions.
Dimmers with remote costs a bit more than dimmers without one.

For RGB strip I think 5050 LEDs are a good choice.
Go for WS2812s (Neopixel) strip variant if you want to do crazy effects with your strip.

Try Zanflare’s… So far, I’m using their budget BT-KU-3528AD-30D-PGB led strip. Though 3*AA batteries operated, the strip can light for 6hrs/day on its built in timer for 5 days and no wiring needed (Safer in kids room). The birch led tree is quite lasting too. Kind of a good bargain and LED quality is good. Makes me wanna own the S2 too.

You need to decide between RGB and white. RGB can do white, but if I know I mostly want white, I just install a white strip. Like said before, don’t do the 3528 ones - those are a bit old. Go for 2835 or 5630 / 5730 LEDs for white. Pretty much all RGB are 5050.

The “waterproof” ones have a nice coating, but take a little bit more effort to install. You have to strip off the silicone to get to the electrical contacts.

For the basic install, an IR or RF remote is fine. But I’m a huge fan of the Arilux AL-LC01 controllers. You can get them at Banggood or other places. You can control them from your phone, Alexa, etc. You can even schedule them to turn on and off at certain times.

Good luck!

5630/5730 are very bright but also they run much hotter than 2835s.

Super Bright DC12V SMD3014 Led Strip IP20 IP65 Waterproof 204Leds/m 5M Fita Flexible Ribbon In White Warm White Blue Lighting
(from AliExpress Android)

I am thinking to order this one 3014 led have beautiful tint even in CW,plus 204 on 1m

I’ve been reading around whenever I’ve had the chance this weekend and, though I haven’t made a selection, I’ve ruled out a lot and narrowed it down. I just wanted to say thank you for the replies.

Yeah, cool-white at night is kinda creepy, and will likely ruin your “sleepiness” with all the blue content.

Neutral will be hard to find. Main choices are typically only CW or WW.

Using RGB to get “white” has an explicit blue streak in the spectrum. See first line above.

WW is quite nice, and I ordered off Ali a 2000K strip-light, which will be really warm, almost candlelight (1800K). For nighttime, that should be quite relaxing.

Your best bet is RGBW, that way you get all the color choices of RGB but still have a WW chip when you want white, as opposed to the very cool blue of the RGB’s combined to make white.

I’m no expert in LED strips but I’ve ordered from amazon and can attest that they are good quality. I’ve bought several rows and have set up the strips under tables and throughout several cabinets. All have worked without a hitch.

I bought the cold white lights but they seem to sell warm white as well:

I then paired my strips with either battery packs or this adapter

I’m sure certain you can find cheaper strips and power adapters straight from China but if you want to go through amazon, I’ve had good luck with the Lighting Ever stuff.

Yeah, I’ve seen the rgbw or rgbww and that seems to be the ticket. My trouble is that I am paralyzed be the bazillions of vendors. I know that I want an rf remote. I am not sure if an aluminum track for heat sinking purposes is necessary. 5050 is where I’m at now, for sure. WS2812 will possibly come later.

You don’t need a heat sink for the RGB, or RGBW. When using them for a color they only use a fraction of the power…usually around 1/3 of the total consumption. The only time RGB uses full w/m is when making white, as it takes all 3 colors at once to make it. The aluminum is great for attaching the strip to though, as it doesn’t always stick well to certain materials, especially with the extra weight if you get waterproof ones.

There are various types of LED strip lights that can be used for indoor and outdoor lighting purposes. They are:
DC LED Flex Strips – These are flexible, easily installable and come with a waterproof silicone covering and a 3M adhesive backing
AC LED Flex Strips – These are flexible, come straight from the outlet and can be plugged in and ready to go
LED Rope Light – These are omni-directional and encased in the standard rope light packaging
High Power LED Strips – These are high-powered with rigid strips, circuitry and on-board drivers