Strobes and a street preacher

there is a 16 mode driver, and sorry i don't know how to link it, but it is sku 7612. in one of the mode groups it has a very fast strobe AND a special police type strobe, which is supposed to be disorienting. PERFECT!

I could post a bunch of info on Jesus being real too, but this tends to not make anyone believe anything. We all believe what we want, no matter how logical and intellectual we think we are.

I definitely don't think his preaching would be effective in that place. No one is listening.

Let's try not to make this into a huge fight. Just say what you want, then let others decide for themselves.

So he's not just a nutjob, he's a completely delusional nutjob?


I don’t have a dog in this fight but is it really necessary to be so nasty and belittle people like that? It’s a flashlight forum, let it go.

Spouting stuff like that is just as bad as the guy in the video... Blabbering about your delusions to people who don't want to hear it. But I can't aim a flashlight in his face over the internet.


I have one of those, and haven't found any of the strobes to be special at all, just different rates. Except for one that's broken and flashes for a few seconds then stops.


maybe that's the one. it is SUPPOSED to be disorienting, but it behaves kind of like you said. super fast, then stops for a second, then super fast again. really nothing special, but i replaced the driver from a "solarforce" (from B.O.B.) L2m with the 7612 driver, put in an aspheric, and it is the best single cr123a thrower i''ve seen. the downside of course is that 16 modes are about 15 too many for a pure thrower. it drives the led much harder than the stock driver did though.

good idea, let's try to bring it back to all friendly and stuff, and i love you wording about not having a dog in the fight. Laughing

where are you in WI? i lived most of my life in milwaukee, until i moved to CA.

I agree. It is fun how church insist on doing all that thing on newborn childs. I can only conclude that without all that pushing there would be really very few followers left.

Personally i'm all against that but if my child one day wishes to follow them for whatever reason he may find it is free to do so. It's not they will not want him/her anymore right?

It is however a insult to intelligence forcing all that things to him before he/she has a mind on his/her own to understand what's all about. That is my major concern.

I'm not agianst religion whatsoever but i find the "cream" of the vatican team (not chatolic followers) the most annoying thing ever. About 15% of all they preach they do not stand by it or do the contrary.

In the latest news the new pope sent a message with the famous new iPAD2. Wow... :/

If you can prove that... I'll gladly convert to atheism .

But you can't because it's a lie from's a media grabbing,ignorant ,book selling attempt to get attention .God isn't dead , people who promote falshood are...They are dead inside ,a festering kettle of fish .they are believing a lie and are damned for it and are worse yet promoting it like a pimp or a drug dealer spreading cancerous lies . Your web sites are anti-christ and if god did exist wouldn't he swat them down like a bug in his indignation and count men responsible for it ?

20 million scholars and historians are wrong and a guy wanting to sell a book twisting the truth is suddenly the new atheists messiah ..somehow a popular theory is all the rage ? well like they said in the new testament when paul was preaching ..I guess we'll see then won't we . If it's of god who can stand against it and if it's of man it will fall to the ground and come to nothing .

even Blaise Pascal had this part right .. if you're wrong you're in serious trouble ..Jesus is alive and if you seek him diligently you will find him.The salvation he procured for us is for the forgiveness of our sins .But if you mock ,deny and reject him the wrath of god will fall upon you.You will get exactly what you deserve , yet cannot bear.

The king is coming ! blow a trumpet, clear the way,raise up a banner ... The king is coming are you prepared ?

1. You don't prove something doesn't exist. You prove it exists.

2. Pascals wager is a joke. Switch it around and apply it to anything. What if you're wrong about Buddha, Muhammad, Zeus, and Ra? You had better convert to them all or else you're in for an eternity of suffering.

These kinds of threads never turn out good. Nobody is going to change the beliefs of someone else in a thread like this.

But I can post something that we can all agree is "real." The Hellfire flashlight!

Try to ignore that it is only a 150 lumen incan that the website says is "astonishing." One man's astonishing is another man's "whatever."

This wasn't directed at me but it doesn't make sense (does it)? You say "if god did exist" ,and you say he does, then "wouldn't he swat them down like a bug...".

However those sites haven't been swatted down like a bug and according to you he does exist.

What was your point here if I may ask? Your (unintentional) point ended up indicating that he must not exit.

IDK what it is, you ppl get me fired up all the time !!

where to begin - first of all preaching to somone that doesnt want to hear it is pointless. in christian terms you have " hardened you heart to God".dont be insulted if you dont believe in GOD ( i did it all caps lol for your head spinning pleasure : ) . what gets me is how some 'non believers", are so adamant about no GOD. i get this guy in the video seems to be annoying and rude even. and that solicits a reaction. its always curious how some ppl are so anti GOD - i would think you would say whatever n move on. and yes i get the history and deplore it.

anyway his mindset seems to be he wants people to hear something they maybe havent or maybe somone to think about what they are doing if they think they are a devote sp* christian

i dont like ppl annoying other people in general , frankly this is disturbing the peace. but maybe he doesnt care .its not the worst thing in the world.

this seems a little over the top but i guarantee you some people never have heard anything like that , i am sure it made some ppl scratch there head. how that plays out in their life ... ?

without looking at more of his stuff IDK if he is legit. i am not a fan of zealots - it seems to me he is the type where if he could force you he would ( just my impression) , that is not anything close to Christianity , its about choice and faith. you cant make somone believe by the sword " you can superficially convert them only - like in the past...

- unfortunately people see the pervasive perversion of modern fake Christians , child molesting to people just acting like they are "saved" . people can tell fake and why would you want fake

IDK what this adds but there it is , we will find out when we die or not ...Also my belief is Christianity is NOT about hedging ur bets

i think its hard to find people that are real and with so many bad examples out there. i see why its nearly impossible to believe - besides if you havent grown up with its so foreign too. its like if all of a sudden cars disappeared or appeared out of nowhere

i hope you find the Truth .

and its not right, but i would have drilled flashy boy in his monkey face , someone blathering is much different than hurting someones eyes

and Finally for the record this is off topic chatter so saying you cant post this is bs agenda or not , clearly he found a video of flashing stobe ... so on and so forth

I was working under the failed assumption that he didn't exist for a whopping 11 seconds to make a point ..same with Pascal I was using only part of his logic ..blaise pascal was a brilliant guy and pascals wager takes heat from many camps ..christian and non christian ..Sadly most people would like to summerize it into a one line statement impossibility.

for the record I think the assertion that god doesn't exist is silly ..the scriptures say every man already knows god exists and he also knows right and wrong ..furthermore I assert that every man knows he's also guilty of the evil he knows is wrong.& knows he is part of the problem thereby contributing to evil.

And any one person on earth knows the "truth" how? Are you saying you know the truth? How can that be when "belief" is just that, belief, and belief has absolutely no basis in fact.

I was hoping to stay out of this but I can't ignore a comment like that. The truth... Nobody knows the truth.

thats why i hope everyone finds it , maybe its God, maybe is having and much fun as you can- maybe its your Truth . thats a pretty popular self centric notion

but i believe there is only one Truth , its like a car accident...

one guy says he ran into me the other guy says the same, but it was actually it was events the other didnt see but it was as they perceived but its not the whole story

some third perosn that seen it all clearly - they would see and know the truth. the problem is you have to die to prove it : ) , in this case

further i think ppl are really dis-waded by people hat act like a nut. i for the record dont like religion. it means the act of being like something - reminds me of a quote " do or dont there is no try"

I guess reality disproves the scriptures since every man doesn't "know" god exists.

See that you buy the field where the Pearl is; sell all, and make a purchase of salvation. Think it not easy, for it is a steep ascent to eternal glory, many are lying dead by the way, slain with security.