Strobes and a street preacher

maybe only flashaholics understand how hard it is to handle being strobed for more that 10 minutes and keep preaching .

Pretty impressive willpower .I'm pretty sure that flashlight would be in an inconvenient place after about 2 minutes if he was strobing me . I consider blinding someone assault . The kid has freedom of speech in a public place .. The bar doesn't own a public sidewalk .

Yeah, now I finally see why we need "tactical strobe", apparently very useful.

I'm surprised someone didn't actually punch his lights out... uh.

I'd consider that to be verbal abuse, which virtually amounts to assault on the person. Those folks were waiting quietly in the queue, and not harming anyone, and couldn't avoid his "assault" on their senses. The bouncers should've stepped in really.

Freedom of speech is one thing....creating a public nuisance and disturbance is quite another.

God is cool and I think everyone should hear the words of Jesus, but this guy is a clown. There's a much better way to approach people with the word, and idiots like this do more harm than good.

I would have been deeply tempted to do very un-Christian-like things to him....

Maybe I could interest those bouncers in a 6x XM-L MadMatch. Let's see him stand 10mins of that!

IMO guys like him give all christians a bad name. What an annoying display. On the other hand I gotta hand it to him for not breaking the arm of that little A-hole sticking that flashlight right in his face not 12 inches away. That is a physical assault and he would be in his rights to defend himself. Even the bouncers were hitting him with their flashlights by the end. LOL.

Shouting publicly at someone accusations of being a child molester and sodomite isn't protected under free speech. I think that falls under the category of defamation, libel, and verbal assault. Wow that video really shows something really sick and messed up going on. Why can't people just be polite and get along with each other. sigh....

My wife and I were out around Easter this year going out for a night together for food and a movie. No drinking and no clubing, etc....just a night together. We got bombarded by one of those hellfire & brimstone street preachers. Now I consider myself to be a Christian who was "born again" on 10/95.....and you know him I was still a sinner. Those guys just rub me the wrong way, so to me the video is kind of funny....even though the guy with the light is being a jerk.....but I might have done the same thing....sorry to say.

How about john macaurther

a little quieter but equally hated .saying almost the same thing .. lil different venue.

If you're going to stand around calling everyone evil and just being disruptive in general, a strobe is well deserved.

Hell, I probably would have joined in.

If people wanted to be "saved" from whatever it is he is trying to save them from, they can do at this street preachers place of business.

i wouldn't have thought of it, but i would have joined in also. he is entitled to his opinion and his freedom of speech, but i don't believe he is entitled to spew his crap to people waiting in line to get in a place of business. it is disruptive at best. i have worked with bouncers that would have removed him without use of a flashlight, or had him removed by the police.

the entire situation would have been solved if the doormen just had better flashlights....

Or if we finally got rid of religion. Should be a crime to teach it to minors...


"Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it."

Teaching it for the mythology it is, is a good thing. People need to know of the past. However, teaching it as fact; well, I will agree that is a crime.

defined by? and assumed by? ouch. with all due respect, this is not a forum dealing with beliefs about religion. it is not about beliefs about god either. some do not equate the two.

my opinion is the dude in the alley spewing garbage is an idiot. it doesn't matter what garbage he is spewing.

so you like the kid. i don't. i do believe in god though. i don't need a punk in the alley to help me with my beliefs. sounds like you indeed had an agenda when you posted this, especially if you like the kid, and are down with his beliefs.

have yours. let him have his. why try to impose them on others?

the most offensive crock of dung i've read on a forum since i read forums. remember, i believe in god. please, keep your religious dogma to yourself and the idiot in the alley.

which i would prefer not to be. but don't play martyr with the "i didn't expect it to be popular" vomit either. put on a tie, knock on doors and be a jah child if you wish. make the best flashlight in history if you wish. know more about them than anyone if you wish. but how did it occur to you that any of us wanted your view of religion and god?

and i will stop after this. thump your king james elsewhere pal.

A street preacher typically comes from a church. A church is where they take in their money and do their business.

Also, since you want to talk about painful truths; Here is some painful truth. Jesus probably wasn't real.

Wow.... wonder what those lights were. In this case the best throwers would look the brighest but difficult to aim.

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I'm a christian it doesn't offend me .He was out at night,it was dark,he should have brought his own flashlight .