Do you love stroopwafels as much as I do?

United Airlines stopped offering them this past June. I have sorely missed them. United will be bringing them back in January. Hooray! It will make morning flying just a little bit better again. :wink:

I used to get them at Karl Elmer’s when they had ’em. Could eat a whole package in one sitting, they’re so good. In fact, I might have even done that once or again. :person_facepalming:

Especially when they are a bit warm, or even better, fresh baked :wink:

:smiley: :smiley: … :+1: Sounds like me & a half gallon of Bryers Butter Pecan Ice Cream. Just on rare ocassion of course…… :smiley: … :person_facepalming:

Quoted for truth!
:smiley: :beer: :beer:

Never heard of them never had any?

Now Pizzelles I know of…Pizzelle Recipe

MtnDon, they are delicious.
The stroopwafels for united airlines are made bij a factory where i do maintenance sometimes.

I can taste them directly from the production line, fresh and hot.

This is their whebshop.

Beware! This stuff is even more addictive than flashlights. I know this firsthand. :person_facepalming: :person_facepalming: :person_facepalming:
I was one of the lucky ones that was saved by a cavity. :wink:

We used to make stroopwafels at home when I was little, I still have an iron, that is heated over the kitchen stove. I remember that the yeast-dough tastes even better than the final stroopwafel.

Oh no! No more Stroopwafels at United? They used to be my favorite airline. What to do?

…a quick search and…

…recipe found…

…now, I guess I’ll have to buy myself a pizzelle iron. :wink:

Yes, those are the ones. Daelman’s stroopwafels are sometimes available at Trader Joe’s (grocery store chain in USA). When they have them their prices are better than most other places I’ve seen them. Tader Joe’s had the 8 piece tin for $2.99 before Christmas. Sometimes they have the minis. You can never eat only one of them.

I’d love to have the opportunity to sample a fresh one. :slight_smile: As they state on the packaging they taste great when warmed and softened over your mug of hot coffee.

I ate my first one in the 1970’s on a trip that took me through the Netherlands. A small cafe in IJmuiden where I had breakfast.

…and that’s why I now weigh 450lbs. :laughing:

*450lbs of pure muscle.

That is a cool tool!

And caramel.

I bought a tin of these branded “Belgian Boys” at a local discount foods store a week or two ago. Never having heard of them I wasn’t over eager to open them. On reading this, I broke the double seal and tried one with coffee in the morning. I usually prefer dunker biscuits, (Biscoff, McVities) unlike these which soak up next to nothing from the coffee.

Butt these have there own merits. Nice thin crisp waffle sandwich with a thin caramel center. I offered one to my German wife and she took half the package. An upvote I believe. :+1:

They are one of my wife’s favorite treats. I myself are not a big fan of the wafels.

Have to look for these next time I am at the food stores.

Funny they’re called by their Dutch name over there. :slight_smile:
Stroop means syrup or molasses.
Wafel means waffle.

Prior to Christmas these two cans each held 8 stroopwafels. They did not last long.