Stun gun flashlights for edc?

I have a friend who would like to purchase a Flashlight/stun gun combo.

Under 6”
Micro USB rechargeable
200+ lumens

Any suggestions?
There are alot on the market but none that i can find with micro usb charging.

I’ve done a lot of research, and unfortunately there’s not a lot of competition in this market. I settled on the Vipertek VTS 881 as the brightest, most compact option. It’s a huge upgrade from the slightly smaller 880. No micro USB, but the charger is built in. It’s a standard lion pack inside with a fair bit of room, so there is room for modification.

Also, it works. I had my wife use it on me to make sure it could actually stop a large attacker.

Lol, poor guy!! All in the name of science lol!! Thanks so much! The research i’ve done led me to the same conclusion. I gave him the refer and he likes it better than the ones he was looking at and its cheaper to boot! So we’ll just have to wait and see if he decides on it.

By the way, kudos for taking the hit for all of us! :beer: