Sub 1ohm size 0805, 1206 SMD resistor sources?

Has anyone found a supplier for resistors rated below 1 ohm? Ebay has almost nothing in this range and the one supplier I have seen recomended on BLF (DigiKey) is out of almost every sub 1ohm resistor I need. I am looking for resistors ranging from about .05 to .5 ohms in the 0805 or 1206 package. I would also pay a known member thru paypal a worthwhile price for a decent selection homemade kit.

Fastech - Nothing below 1ohm
Ebay - If you order a reel maybe
DigiKey - Mostly out of stock

How about a nichrome jumper?

Fasttech does carry sub 1 ohm 0805 Resistors. No assortment packs tho.
You can get a couple different vaules with 2 or 3 in parallel.


FastTech has a bunch of cheap sub-Ohm SMD resistors for tweaking sense resistors.

I’ve requested a combination pack but they said that it comes assorted from the manufacturer and they can’t do it. :frowning:

Filtered list of 0805 & 1206 current sense resistors at Digi-Key

'Reset' any of the fields already selected to show more variations. Or start from the index page, Resistors > Chip Resistor - Surface Mount

Or, here's an even more drilled-down list: 1206, 1%, 1/2W, cut-tape packaging, in all the values any of us will ever need for adjusting drivers (0.01, 0.1, 0.15, 0.2, 0.25, 0.3, 0.5 ohm): click

I have some 0.1 Ohm 0805 resistors from Fasttech. I would be willing to send you some if they would help. 100 of them is several lifetimes supply for me.

The tolerance on these things really doesn't matter much, you just need whatever it takes to get the total resistance required to get the desired output, so you can open up more choices by removing the 1% filter. What the actual values are to get there, honestly, who cares?

Here's another interesting option, when you have room for it: click

That is perfect I think. Maybe my problem is I don’t know how to search that site. I could only see .68 and .82’s based on another search I copied from BLF.

I still don’t see them, maybe it’s the way they label them that is screwing with me. They don’t list the ohm’s on the product pages and the description’s they give are not standard, “0805 0.22R SMD Precision Resistors”. How does anyone interpret .22R? An “R” is usually a place holder for a period right.

Thank you allan d! Your offer is really appreciated but I am going to try and figure this out if I can. It seems to be my technical skills are preventing my success and not a lack of supplies in the market. :slight_smile:

.22R is shorthand for .22 ohm.

“Sub 1ohm size… SMD” lol. Thought you were looking for a new subwoofer, possibly from SMD/Steve Meade Designs :smiley:

-Jamie M.

Brilliant, I am going to give it a try.

That stumped me yesterday. If you put in .22R it comes back as 22ohms but if you say it’s .22ohms I am going with that.

I should have read this earlier

“R” is used as a decimal point if there is a number after R, eg 1R2 = 1.2ohm.
All of these fasttech resistors are sub 1 ohm. Each has a zero & decimal point.

“k” is also used as decimal point for kilo ohm resistors.
0.22R = 0.22 ohm
R22 = 0.22 ohm
1R8 = 1.8 ohm
10R = 10 ohm
1k2 = 1.2 kohm = 1200 ohm
12k = 12 kohm

hobby-hour smdcalc is meant for the actual marking on the chips. The actual marking should be “R22” for 0.22 ohm.

The marking on a .22 ohm resistor will be R220 (or R22, on small ones like 0603/0805 where there isn't room to make it big enough to be readable), not .22R. .22R is only used when talking about them, not in the numbers actually on the chip itself.

Thanks everyone1 I made an order of a 100 pieces for almost every precision resistor FT has.

The nichrome wire trick seemed really promising at first but it was to difficult without solder creeping up the wire and ruining the value. I am sure it would work a lot better for values greater than an ohm or just a longer piece of nichrome wire but when it’s cut as long as the 0805 resistors it’s not an easy task to solder it.

It’s not going to be easy finding 0.5ohm or 0.05ohm resistors in 1206 package as these resistors are mostly used in current sense circuits and require a better heat sink. You can however find these in 0805 package. There are new ones currently very popular these days, 0.05ohm resistors. It is basically a very small metal strip folded and it stays above the PCB which provides a great heat sink as well. Try searching for 0805 metal resistors on farnell.

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1206 current sense resistors from 0.01 to 0.3 ohm: