Sub C and 4/5 Sub C

Hey guys,

Not strictly flashlight related, but it might come handy anyway. I need some info …

Has anyone ordered Sub C and 4/5 Sub C cells, preferably international?

I need replacement cells for my father and his battery operated tools.

Any reputable ebay dealers for that? I see a bunch of dealers, but they all look suspicious.

I think my father’s tools originally have Ni-Cd, and would like to keep it that way. If that’s not possible, Ni-Mh or any other suggestions are welcome.


Oh, preferably with solder tabs, or confirmed to accept regular soldering to cell’s poles.

Any of our regular budget Chinese shops offer any decent cells in these sizes?

Only decent NiCd’s atm are Sanyo’s “Cadnica” series, other ones have not-very-well balanced capacity/high self discharge/lower-than-claimed capacity, etc. So either find those Sanyo’s, or go for decent NiMH’s.

Would NiMH be better?

I see some Sanyo NiCd with tabs on eBay, and some Tenergy NiMH with tabs on there too.

All the other no name stuff would be pretty hit and miss, I assume most of it would be rubbish.

Mid-end NiMH’s (Tenergy) would definitively be better than chinese NiCd from unknown source, but worse (in terms of handling massive current draw) than Sanyo NiCd’s.

Tenergy subC nicads I have used were claimed at 2200ma but tested @ 1700-1800ma in pack builds. I have had better luck with salvage Japanese Nicads from Dewalt/Milwaukee packs than any NEW Chinese Nicads. The Chinese build some decent NiMH.

I expect battery junction to be globally reliable, unfortunately, international shipping is a deal killer. :frowning:

Do you guys know of a good dealer with international shipping? Anyone?

I have been satisfied with the Tenergy Sub C NiMHs that I have gotten. I have used several of their Sub C (I don't know about 4/5 Sub C). I would rate them about a 6-7 out of 10. They show international shipping through their ebay ID.

How does one charge NiMh cells when they are in a battery, soldered?

My father’s original cells are NiCd, and original charger is unsafe for charging replacement NiMhs, is it not?

Nicad chargers and Nimh chargers are interchangeable.

In a pack, soldered together, you use a hobby charger or universal charger. They can be expensive, but there are some inexpensive ones around. Just pick one that has a voltage range for your needs.

You could try this shop based in the UK -

Very good customer service and ship worldwide.

They will also weld batt packs togther for you. Drop them an email and expalin what you are after and they will give you a price.

I had 6 AA eneloops made into a pack to fit into a 2D maglite, very well made.

Hope that helps

6 AA -> 2D can be done without welding/soldering, actually, using just adapters like this one:

Those adaptors are the reason I a pack made!!. They are cheap and cheerful, but not well made and won’t take much current, oh and increase the resistance in the circuit. I should add I fitted a jackplug into the maglite to charge the pack in situ. :slight_smile:

I was very pleased with the service from these folks: