Successor to the Sunwayman V11R?

Been away for a while. As per title, is there anything like the Sunwayman V11R around now?

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Subscribing to this thread, I’m also interested.

Jetbeam RRT-01… same control ring and tailswitch UI

Yup. 2020 version of Jetbeam RRT-01. It has a tailcap switch and magnetic ring.

That said, between the two I prefer the V11R. I find the 2020 RRT-01 too heavy mostly due to its brass pill. Wish they’d used an aluminum pill.

HDS and 2020 RRT-01:

V11r, 2011 RRT-01, HDS:

I went and got the latest version of the RRT-01 with the tail switch. I still prefer the original version without the switch.

Does anyone know if there is any current draw with the switch on and the ring turned down to where the LED is off?

yes, but the Standby drain varies a lot. On some 2020 RRT-01 it works fine to leave the switch On and only turn off by the control ring. On other 2020 drivers the standby drain is very high and the battery may be depleted in less than a week if the tailswitch is not clicked off.

In the original 2011 RRT-01, the standby drain was less than 50 microAmps and would take over 2 years to drain the battery. But those models are no longer available.

The best way to find out the standby drain on your particular light is to measure it yourself. If you are not set up for measuring the standby drain, you could do an experiment by leaving the switch On and just turn the light off with the dial, then checking battery voltage every few days, to see whether your 2020 RRT-01 driver has a fast drain rate or not.

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Really, the SWM V11R is the successor to the V10R, which is the original and most authentic version of this flashlight; The changes were aesthetic, the chassis and the mechanics are the same in both.

For me the V10R/V11R is the holy grail of EDC flashlights, in addition of course to its interface, due to its forward switch.

Agreed, the best EDC light ever - especially when versatility is taken in to account.

Also great for travel: if you get stuck for 123s you can use AAs (which can be got anywhere), with the extender.

Maybe those in the know here could persuade Sofirn or similar to put out a V11R analogue? I’d be in for one or two?

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There was a thread to see if Sofirn was interested in designing a magnetic ring flashlight not focused on scuba diving, but since the brand and Wurkkos have several scuba flashlights, the idea was not carried out.

Interest collect…

A shame because the Niteye, Jetbeam and Sunwayman 1 x CR123/16340/18350 are all exceptional lights, with and without the mechanical tail switch.

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