[SUGGESTION] Financial support to BLF modders and creators

So, I’ve been thinking about that for a long time, and didn’t see any post about that.

I see a lot of good people reviewing new products, creating new drivers on OSHPARK, and etc… and all that with their own money.
People share their knowledge and experience - waste money so other will be able to save it.

I say, that we all should help them, at least financially!

What I suggest is to:

1. make a TO-DO list of what our community want, something that we cannot find in stores yet, for example:

- BEST high current 1x18650 driver

- BEST 2 x 18650 driver

  • and etc…

2. find a volunteer to help achieving these goals

3. Open a KickStarter / IndieGoGo / etc… project

4. I believe that each of us will be able to donate 5$-10$. Even 300$ will be enough for “BEST DRIVERS ”project, incl. components and testing.

This project will refresh DIY section with new ideas, projects and motivation.

What do you think?

Oh no! If I get paid for contributions to the community, I will have to commit to some quality and deadlines and stop talking rubbish out of the top of my head .

(I think the idea is sympathetic, but I do not think it is widely wished for, or that it would work at all)

I think it’s a bad idea, for many reasons which I’m too lazy to write about.

I've said that the BLF creations should be sold in a Kickstarter, but there's a big problem. How do you split the proceeds between everyone that contributed? If you read closely, that's actually at least two problems.

It's a good idea, but very tough to implement.

There are some modders with limited means, and it would be nice to help them out a little. Something like Wepay is probably best for that if they don't want to publish their paypal email address.

If A gives money to B then:
-A expects a return for investment
-B must spend A’s money in way that A wants
-B becomes accountable

This forum is for fun, a hobby. Modders recover/profit by selling their projects if they wish. If you bring donations into it, it really takes away from everything.

Nice thought HiTiT. It happens now though, just not in the public forum. If someone feels inclined to donate something to another member wether its an item or money there's nothing stopping them from doing so.

Bad idea.
Money changes everything.

I swear I have read this exact conversation, like a month ago, total deja vu.
Anyway, the last time I saw it, and this time too, both times said NO.
Money phocks everything.
That will never change.

These people do these research things because they truly love them, money does not affect the outcome.
Please do not try to mess with perfection, or better yet, do not mess with repeated failure as this is the only way to true perfection.

Thank you and good night!

This .

Exactly. It happens already. Individually. Adding individual donation accounts makes it easier to donate. Donors can give as they see fit. I think it can be anonymous too, which I'd like if I could only afford to give a very small sum.

I see…
Okay :slight_smile: maybe this post was not in place.

Good to know your thoughts about that, anyway.