Suggestions for a ~50€ (~60$) Flashlight

I will give you an example, BLF Q8 has one sweeet user interface. One click it turns on at the level you left it. When you hold the on/off switch it increases / decreases the brightness gradualy. The way you interact with the flashlight, the way it accepts your orders and the way it responds is the user interface. Now, BLF A6 has also a sweeet but different user interface. One click on/off, half clicks to switch modes (4/7, user programmable). That’s another UI.

Ok it’s very clear now thanks!

Before recommending a light it would be helpful to know the following:

  • How do you intend to use the light? Primarily for up-close use or for outdoors looking at things in the distance?
  • How do you intend to carry your light? Do you want something small that fits in your pocket for everyday use? Will you use a belt holster? or some other arrangement?

Check out On The Road store on AliExpress

They have some quality USB rechargeable lights . Wait for a sale and you can get the U18 for $25. Very nice, pocketable 18650 FL.

How do you intend to use the light? Primarily for up-close use or for outdoors looking at things in the distance?

A bit of both, a bit less outdoors i guess, but well…

How do you intend to carry your light? Do you want something small that fits in your pocket for everyday use? Will you use a belt holster? or some other arrangement?

I don’t mind, i don’t need a holster i guess that pretty much any of those discussed in the thread will do, maybe not the Q8, but i guess reasonably sized.

But anyway for now i’ll just wait the m2r, see how it goes with that…

I got one of these last week in a Giveaway and absolutely love it!!!

Here’s the review and you find there the links for (almost) all of the reviews of that light: “REVIEW”: Olight M2R Warrior – XHP35 (NW version) - 1500 lumens – Dual Switch
You will not regret getting that flashlight!

BTW: Zanfare F1 is pretty nice; Wuben TO46R is nice! If you want a “hot rod” look at the Emisar D4 :wink:

I’ll surely check that out, thanks!

You’ll go forever once you start with these things. seriously.
Wife says the next torch through the door. and she will cut up my card. (No more paypal)
There’s 2 in post and a battery pack at present (shhhh)

That Q8 is a Top line. powerful torch. But size/shape of a coke can and heavy.
I have a Skyray King 9 led. which is same size.weight. Less power but still good.
$26ishAUD from memory. Del
Also a L6 with shaved LED and Smooth reflector. $88+10reflector + $25 2 x Batt’s.
That shines further than I can see, in focus.

The longer (Multi cell) body and larger head.
I find easier to carry longer term and much more comfortable in hand
with the side, rather than rear switches…

I’ve bought both medium price. $200plus and $8 torches.
and have found the better no name. Sofurn. Astrolux. Convoy. Skyray etc.
are usually as good or almost. as the top line, pricey models. In usage.

Basically. Do you want a Name. and a good torch, (usually, but not always)
Or a Good torch developed or improved enormously, with reliability.
by fella’s on here. at a much more sensible price.

My home/garden Walkabout now.
Is an Astrolux S41 with ext tube and 18650 cell (4 x LED) $47 AUD Del.
Happy with beam and Nichia LED.
Some modify to triple and different LEDS to improve throw.

Outside, Walkabout. is an Imalent DN35, ($47AUD on coupon) .
Serious. is a Skyray King 9 LED, 4 x 18650 cells.
or now. new Convoy L6 Modified (Yesssss) See above for pricing.
Bedroom. a little Jetbeam Jet1 MK Pro. around $15AUD del. on coupon.

Plus another 20 or so intermediates.
THEY…… are the ones that get you into trouble with the wife (if married)
You get away with, say, 3 safely. After that. whoops. look out.
Check your balls occasionally Chuckle.

Anyway. It’s a great interest. specially on here.
Above are only my choice.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Huge thanks for sharing all this. For now, no wife, so… :wink:

With integrated charger, Zanflare F1 or Nitefox UT20. Both quite nice, got a few of each.

If built-in charging isn’t a dealbreaker, the Sofirn SP32A v2. It kicks arse.

I reviewed both the UT20 and SP32Av2, so just goggle around for more details. All 3 should be top contenders.

Might get the SP32A v2 as a spare flashlight…Looks like its only downside is not having a integrated usb charger but whatever…

Kewl. Definitely have a look at the F1 and UT20, though.

Yeah already seen those 2! UT20 is also interesting, F1 don’t know…Has something that doesn’t convince me for some reason.

Wellp, the F1 is definitely a class act. Only thing I didn’t like was the greeniness of the beam, but the styling is fantastic, the O-ring-sealed ring over the usb port is a top-notch idea vs the typische rubber-plugs that can pop off, pull out, get lost, etc., and the crisp rear switch has a nice solid feel to it.

The UT20 has a forward-clicky switch (momentary on… <drool>) and battery-status indicator in the switch that I’ve really come to appreciate.

Both have a great UI with no blinkies getting in the way. Ever.

If I were you, I’d just get both. :smiley:

Yeah the usb connector cover is absolutely ingenious, i wish others had that, hell i wish the m2r i bought had that.

One day i might… :stuck_out_tongue:

That is so true :person_facepalming:

Experience practitioner here :wink:

Hello there again boyos. So the M2R warrior arrived today, instructions say i should charge it before use, which i’m doing…But before having a red glow, i was having a yellowish glow, and in the instructions that’s never mentioned, any idea?

Hey oxidized, enjoy your new light :beer:

Ok, so i’ve been using the m2r from yesterday basically aaand, i really didn’t expect it being this small, but it’s ok, i just realized tactical flashlights aren’t for me, besides the light is premium quality you can see that as soon as you take out the box, everything is so well polished and taken care of, but unfortunately this isn’t my thing i guess, just too small too compact for my taste…Another thing i figured out is i don’t think i really like neutral white tint, it looks way too yellowish.
Also, i don’t understand why no good flashlight has the “zoomable” head, my old crappy flashlight had that, and sometimes it came in handy, surely more handy than strobe or sos.

Anyway this is a bit too tiny for me, i think i need something with a wider head, like the sofirn C8F but possibly with an integrated usb port for charging, and as little as possible gimmicks, like SOS or strobe, or either 1lm moonlight mode - single or multi led i don’t think i’ll mind that, and i don’t think i’ll also mind a bigger battery 20700 (or even bigger, just not the soda can :D), the important things are, good UI (possibly with no SOS and strobe, or at least with the possibility to isolate those by switching between groups), charging usb port, and overall good build quality.
The Sofirn C8F could be alright, but no charging usb port and not that good UI (Not sure, because the videos i’ve watched showed the older version i guess). Also i’ve decided to up the budget around 50€ (~60:money_mouth_face: which is as much as i spent on the m2r (56€ to be precise).

And of course thank you so much everyone, i realize i’m not an easy client :person_facepalming:

To bad. Countryman B1 is a decent light if you do want a zoomie.