suggestions for a night walker?

yes, i did. :~
i did send the seller a message to cancel the order though. once i know the order is canceled i will get the XML.

thanks!!! :beer:

It is not newer nor better, Q5 are a generic flux bin from Cree. Many Chinese vendors mislead us into thinking its “Q5 LED” while its mostly the old XR-E or XP-G LED with supposedly Q5 bin

I would strongly discourage people to use such chinese noname cheap charger as it can put the batteries to fire or even explode. A high quality charger is a very worthy investment (and saving you lot of money on disposable batteries).

For walking you need a flood light, for that the XM-L LED is the best choice for the money, the sipik-68 with XM-L T6 is a good idea and the best good quality light to start IMO.

She may not like the sipik-68 for that since its so small it will be easy to slip out your hands compared to your old light.

What makes it not “better”? It’s way brighter, and I get on average 10% longer runtime out of my batteries!!?

I bought one of those chargers as a test. Charges perfectly to 4.19v every time, then stops charging all together (unlike some cheap no-name chargers that keep “trickle” charging your batteries!), so I ordered a bunch of them. I have no problems in recommending that charger to people, I’ve given away probably 20 or more with my lights, no issues so far. But if you want a super good quality charger then spend a minimum of $17 shipped on one of these (I would order it in the 400ma version for 14500’s):

Better then the much more expensive Trustfire TR-006 of which I’ve thrown out 6 of the 8 I’ve ever owned :frowning:

-Jamie M.

Wallbuys and cnqualitygoods have keepower protected 14500 for cheap.
Good batteries with protection circuit. I recommend them.
I like the twodollarzoomies more than the sk68, they cost below 5$. Not so bright like a sk68, but more throw and overall size is smaller.
You can never go wrong with some of these cheapos and they are compatible with all battery types.
But there are better options out there if you decide to go the 18650 route…oh man if you haven’t seen one of the newer led lights….it will blow you away…
Can’t really recommend a charger for 14500 as I use my hobbycharger…

Its just different, you have less throw because the LED is bigger

That why buying cheaper are a false good deal because it will be unreliable, lower performing and in the end will cost you more money.
Of-course it can works well if you are lucky but there is a much higher risk of failure and high power batteries are a dangerous material.

old order canceled and the “better” version is on its way! i got the recommend battery and charger.
now i am excited!!!

any idea how long these usually take to get?

BTW, thanks!!!

@88rxna, of course you’re aware that your walks can’t be longer than 30-40 minutes because otherwise you’ll be left in the dark? And I don’t recommend those 14500 cells from Banggood because they are unprotected - with simple flashlight ans cheap charger you’re walking on thin ice.

I’d suggest Klarus P2A for $23 (after coupon):

Nice! Let us know how you like it when you get it :slight_smile:

I would say it should take less than a month to receive it, the batteries a bit longer cause they go through Sweden first.

I ONLY use unprotected batteries. In the upgraded T6 SK68 it blinks for me when the battery gets to 2.8v so I think it’s got low voltage notification (if not protection). I clicked it down to low mode and it quit blinking finished the last few mins of my walk and it was 2.8v fresh out of the light.

I had him order two batteries so he can swap to the spare if he runs out of juice :slight_smile:

-Jamie M.

i hope that a single battery can make the walk…its about a 45 minute walk for her.
once i get it i am sure i will be wanting more!!

thanks again.

That’ll be cuttin it pretty close! On low for sure it would, but on high it’s right around the 40 min runtime mark :slight_smile:

If it ends up not working for her we’ll talk you into a light of equal size that runs on an 18650 battery. It has 4 times the capacity of 14500 battery :wink: (you can use the same charger you just ordered)

-Jamie M.

perfect! :bigsmile:
this could be fun!! lol
never thought i would have a flashlight collection!
but they sure do come in handy!

Welll…here goes. It sounds like your fiancee needs something light, bright, and reliable, and with reasonable battery life. I have a Sipik clone, and a Hugsby , both AA single-cell creatures, and bright, but, the run times leave a bit to be desired. I would consider the 2 AA Maglite LED flashlights, not the multi-twist-the-head-and-pray-it-works-models. My experience with those has not been something to write home about. Terralux also has a series of 2AA lights that are about the stated budget. The Lightstar (?) 300, is the one I have ,and can recommend without hesitation. The price is right, they are not miniscule, the run time is very good, they use the easily-obtainable and economical AA batteries and fit the budget parameters stated. Try one, you may like it!
“Free lumens” with the newer series of rechargeable-only batteries may be a mixed blessing, and should not be your primary source of lighting, IMO.

Just for future reference for tiny 18650 light:

$30 shipped: Loading... (slightly smaller then the light you just bought).
$17 shipped: (monster monster run time unprotected button top battery)

It doesn’t have that “wall of light” that I think your girlfriend likes, it has a defined hotspot with usable spill (check beamshot photos). Runs forever on that battery, super annoying twist interface (when you turn it on you have to twist it three times for high), randomly turns on if you carry it in your pocket, etc. etc.

Just FYI :wink:

-Jamie M.

My suggestion for a night walker?
Ask her how many “roses” you gotta tip for a fun time!

Hmmm, sending your wife out for a 45 minute dog walk with an unprotected Li-ion that lasts 40 minutes.

the nerve of me right!?? :party:
it will not be on the entire time. its main purpose is the dead spots between street lights. And i am not “sending” her. i am forcing her! :beer:

got the light today! very nice! the telescoping lens is a little loose on mine but that is ok. I am still waiting on the charger and batteries. i did put a AA in it and it is bright! now im really anxious to see what the 14500 is gonna do!