suggestions for a night walker?

hello everyone! first time poster!
i been lurking almost half the day trying to find a decent light. my finance likes to walk at night with our dog. she was using a Life Gear LG21-70001 80 lumens until my 2 year old broke it. :~ anyways, somehow i ran into this amazing forum and holy flashlights batman! lol
i dont know where to start? im looking for something to replace the lifegear with. she really likes the size since its easy to hold onto.

im wondering, would a SIPIK SK68 Cree Q3-WC 120-Lumen Convex Lens LED Flashlight be good for her?

i am very open to suggestions, if you have anything better please let me know! i will continue to search also.

That light is okay, but it'd help to know more.

How long are your walks?

Are you walking in your neighborhood or a trail?

If you're walking in your neighborhood, is it in the city (urban/suburban) or rural?

How many other walkers do you come across during your night walks?

How much do you want to spend?

She walks in our rural neighborhood. about a 3 mile walk through “town”. Not many other walkers, more deer than people. Im willing to spend around $20 for a good light.

If you’re going to run it on an AA battery, that light might be an option. It gets crazy hot on a 14500 because it only has one brightness, TURBO!

I would recommend you pick up the three mode version of that, so you can run it on low on a 14500 most of the time!

Here is THE original SK68, three mode (high, low, strobe) with a nice battery and charger too!

-Jamie M.

glad you found your way here this board has the right people to help you.

Help him or condemn him?? lol.

-Jamie M.

I checked the price of the Life Gear light. I found it for $20 plus shipping. It uses C size batteries. There are a number of flashlights currently on sale that are much brighter that use AA size batteries. My suggestions are:

1) Nitecore MT21a ( 2AA )
2) Olight S15 (1 0r 2 AA)
You can find these on sale at Going Gear & Battery Junction till December 1, 2013

If you are familiar with the safe use of 18650 batteries I suggest this light: Convoy M1 Cree XM-L T6-3C 2-Group 3/5-Mode LED Flashlight. It will have a more neutral/yellow tint. Output is around 700 lumens. Fasttech sells these flashlights. Prices are $19-23 plus free shipping. Use code BLF for 5% off.

If these do not appeal to you I can suggest other flashlights.

what his budget is .

is a very nice light :slight_smile:

18650 is a way better platform. Lots of power and runtime!

Best 18650 batteries ($15): is for sale | HugeDomains

Great charger: (700ma basic $17)

-Jamie M.

if you have NiMH batteries and a charger already these two i have looked at but i own neither so i can’t recommend either one

(can be had cheaper elsewhere, i ordered it from banggood but they never sent me an e-mail saying htey sent it and stopped replying to my PMs so i might soon be putting in a paypal claim)

whats the battery life you were getting on that light and what kind of batteries were you using?

If it wasn't for that budget, I would recommend something very bright. The budget limits choices though, especially if that budget must pay for a special battery and charger, which means lithium ion lights are out. The Convoy recommended above is a good light, but a battery and decent charger would cost nearly $20 all by itself. The light you found is a good choice. As recommended previously, the 3 mode version will provide more flexibility. TomTop on ebay has good service, and seems to has higher quality versions of this light than most vendors.

I think a AA light is appropriate considering it will be used by multiple people .

Maybe a 2 AA light .I like the looks of the new nitecore MT21A

i like the idea it comes with the battery and charger also. i do not mind purchasing these items separate as long as the budget does not go over board but this is nice. i will need to research the use and care of these batteries though. i currently only run regular AA batteries. i would like to keep it single AA since she likes the size. and it does not have to be super bright. the ones you are all showing are already brighter than the life gear, and she thinks thats super bright!

thanks so much for the help so far everyone!

Just so you know, the light I linked can use AA batteries as well as rechargeable AA batteries (eneloop, etc.). You can even request in that Aliexpress purchase for it to include a rechargeable AA battery instead of 14500 lithium ion :wink:

-Jamie M.

Life Gear at:

Check out UniqueFire G10:

how about those costco 3 light specials?
i have no idea if they have any modes or if they run on nimh (hopefully they do)

just wanted to thank you for the suggestion! this is the light i decided on for her walking trips. now to get one for myself….lol (this is where the addiction steps in)

The Sipek SK68 is a best buy. I agree that the 3 mode version is the way to go as the low power mode will be much easier on the batteries.
My own recommendation for batteries is to use good AA Alkalines. I use, and prefer Eneloops and if you are going to use it a lot that is the way to go. I would not consider any Li-on battery, unless you get very interested in WOW lights.
So if you go with a 3 mode Sipek SK68 or clone using AA batteries I think you will be pleased.
Here is a clone like I have and like on ebay for $4.99…

will the charger coming with this light work with the Eneloops battery?

Did you order it yet? I just received an even better version of it!

Same 3 modes. Uses newer XML T6 led, more efficient, brighter, better beam quality, etc!

$10 shipped:

Would recommend these batteries $10.44 shipped for a pair: (use coupon code BLF for best price).

Then whatever charger floats your boat, i.e. $2.51 shipped:

Move your mouse over to check out upgraded XML version!

-Jamie M.