Suggestions for small "path-finder" light.

I’d like to buy/build a light for a specific use and would like some suggestions. The requirements are 1 x 18650 cell host, long range visibility and as small as possible.

I want to use this specific light for getting of mountains in the dark. I do a lot of multipitch climbing and descents in the dark are common. I have headlamps that I am happy with, but I want to bring with me a small hand held light to use when searching for descent paths, rappel anchors and such. For multipitch climbing I use the term “light is right”, which generally refers to weight and size only, but in this case I also want a lot of light.

I want to use 1 x 18650 as I have a bunch of Samsung 25R cells.
I obviously need a lot of throw, but would be hesitant to use a zoomie in this case. A little flood usually helps in seeing the bigger picture. Beam profile is rather important.
Takes 17mm Q-lite driver and can fit one with stacked chips.
I’ll only be running this light at full for rather short bursts so I don’t suppose I really need a lot of heat handling.
I want a small light. I have a Convoy C8 that I like, but for this case I want something smaller. I have an old Solarforce L2T, but I find it a little too floody, and would like to go even smaller if possible.

What light and/or parts would suite me best?

De-domed convoy S6 for modding? or the Nitecore EC25 is a great compact light with a good beam profile stock.

How far do you envisage the beam needing to reach? Size will limit this.
No specifics, they will follow Im sure, but maybe something with an XP-G2 in it for throw in a small package.

Ultrafire f17 maybe will fit the bill… smaller head than c8…and take 17mm driver

but you might want to get nitecore. P12…but its not really modable though as most of the parts are glued ( excellent water resistant though)

Any convoy S series is also nice except they get to hot to handle in few seconds when running it on high…

the other nice alternative is Warsun CT9T…deeper reflector than C8 and excellent heatsink… but slightly longer than C8 though…hence it’s a better thrower than C8
The driver are easy to mod with resistor mod for that extra bump

It’s hard to say how far I need the beam to reach. Ideal scenario is that I don’t have to use it at all. I think I’ll go for size and then try to do what I can to make the best of it.
Thanks for the suggestions. A lot of them are a little too big. The P12 looks nice but considering the price I’d say this review puts me off a little: Nitecore P12. Disappointing.
So far the S6 looks closest to what I want in terms of size, and mod options allow me to choose tint and modes of my choice (can flash the driver myself with my modified STAR firmware). I have a few drivers witch stacked chips so I can see how hot it’ll get with different output levels and make modes accordingly.

The UF 2100 also looks ok. Any thoughts on UF 2100 vs S6?

I don’t have a s6, but my s2 (and all my other Convoy lights) are built much more solidly and have much better anodizing than my uf-2100. I would definately recommend the Convoy.

Worse comes to worse a Convoy S2+ with a 10 degree TIR (alot better throw than most floody type lights, but enough spill to be useful up close) will help you reach out a hundred yards or so…running at 2100mA, because at 2800mA it gets hot pretty quick, unless you use custom firmware

Aspheric P-60 ?

one of my favorite “small” EDC-able 18650 lights is the Roche F12. It is available in almost any tint you want, Modes you want, and two colors ( Black and Desert Yellow) easy to mod with the 105c drivers, and has a good balance of throw & flood.
I have a Desert-Yellow version with a Nanjg 105 Qlite-Rev with moon light i use quite often for trail walks.


I will say Roche quality IS better than Convoy…not sure 2x the price better…but it is better

Do you mean that the firmware can affect heat at same power levels? PWM speed? I’ll be flashing with STAR firmware that I’ve made a few changes to (not PWM speed though).

The Roche F12 looks like a nice light. Is there any difference in them depending on where you order them?
Banggood sells them for $16 (
IOS sells them for $27 (
That’s quite a difference in price.

As long as they are the real Roche brand F12s and not the recently seen clones & copies. I got mine from Fastech. ( The real Roche i have has a stainless steel bezel and much smoother anodizing finish, the cheaper Ultrafire clone i picked up has an aluminum bezel and cheaper looking finish.