Suggestions on 16340 high drain batteries

With the BLF MINI-01 group buy going on I was wondering what batteries to buy to get the most out of it?
I know it wont handle the heat for very long but that doesn’t matter it’s just for short turbo bursts 8)
When I searched I found some talk about bestinone IMR’s but their homepage doesn’t seem to work anymore?
Also found these
Are there more alternatives or maybe cheaper stores to buy from?

Can't link now but bestvaping sells them for a very reasonable price especially if you order a bunch of batteries at once. has awesome IMR 16340 I just ordered some a couple weeks ago but there site is down now again for some reason.

Here the link is.

Thanks, I just bookmarked the page you can’t go wrong with there IMRs in any size.

Especially for 2 dollars each. :)

Thanks for the link scaru, seems like a good deal.
Almost as good as their deal on AW 16340 for $0 :smiley:
But how much is the shipping? It says “we will work out the shipping cost after we get your orders from our site”

Generally shipping is somewhere around 10 dollars. Obviously when buy one battery this isn't as much of a deal as when buying 10.

This seems a good place to get cells.

Keep in mind there is a $50 minimum order on the wholesale site.

As far as I can tell bestvaping has the same or very similar prices without the minimum order.

It doesn’t say on the site but this is the reply i got:

’Since this website is our wholesale price, so we do not accetp the order under 50USD,hope your kindly understanding.

Best Regards!

there is reference to this in a batteries thread as well.

I pm’d the Efest user here on this forum and ask about the website and got told that:
“there is something problem with our website,we are contacting with our webmater,we will fix it soon”
So I hope they will be back soon :slight_smile:

Thanks for all of you focus on efest .

The bestinone website is under construction now, we’ll keep inform all of you when it finished.

Sorry for the inconvenience, please kindly understand it. If you need any items, please check from , then just contact me for calculate cheapest shipping cost.

Thanks .


I have Yezl 16340’s and AW IMR’s for my mini-01. Both are very good high drain cells.

I measured 2.4A at the tail with the Yezl, and just over 3A with the AW IMR.

I hope to try some efest cells in the future.

Thanks for the link Jone.
Can’t seem to find the v2 Efest IMR16340 with 700mAh, is it not available anymore?

Thanks for the link Jone.
Can’t seem to find the v2 Efest IMR16340 with 700mAh, is it not available anymore?

V2 efest 16340 with 550mah ( button top), just search ID number ” 3277 “, the you can find the price is USD3.95/pair-2pcs.

Yes I have seen them but they are 550mAh not 700mAh.
Or is it the same battery inside with the real capacity printed on them now?

Hello Fonzeka,

efest imr 16340 real capacity is 700mah, we have two label, one is 550mah, another one is 700mah. But the real capacity is 700mal, you can test it at any time. Some of our customer asked we marked as 550mah. So that’s why we have too labels for this.

Made an order last week but nothing happened so far.
All these crappy similar stores and multiple labels on same battery just makes me want to order some AW’s and be done :~

Anyone tried these protected 16340 from KD?