Suggestions Please - Small Size Warm Light

I would like to buy a easily pocketable 3500k-4000k light. Something smaller than the Wurkkos FC11 (I have this in 4000k and really like it) Something the size of an Olight S2RII or smaller would be great. Any favorites?

Wurkkos TS10

Pretty much

SC21 Mini (not Pro) now comes in 4000K, or even 2700K

My vote would be for the TS10. The most used light I have bought in a long time. Small, bright, and decent run time (if you set the AUX lights correctly and avoid the higher levels). Lots of choices for AUX colors, CCT, and (usually) body colors.

I am really enjoying these Rovyvons in 4000K.
They are flat and have a lockout feature. The dual battery capability is very versatile. The auxiliary lights add to the usability of these little lights.

I think that Olight is only like 15mm shorter than the FC11 or thereabouts? Same-ish diameter. Wurkkos does have the FC11 in a 2700K LH351D emitter, too, if you want (they have it on amazon or you can buy direct from their site).

TS10 is a great contender, lots smaller, and the tail switch may make it less likely to pocket-activate, especially if you use the clip. For that reason alone I’d skip the SC21 either model but it’s a very nice little light, too.

Thought I’d throw this out there too…the old Enogear stainless AA/14500 light is great and Jackson still has some available. This is an old model now and it was Jack before he turned into Fireflies/Firefly-lites. Stainless body, unprotected TIR optic, very well made, and a 4000K Nichia 219B that has the old nice rosy tint. Has LVP and polarity protection, can take any cell you put in there. Simple LMH with memory. The tail switch is great quality and slightly protected, not real easy to pocket-activate.

He has two models…the older one with the bell head which is multi-cell, and the usb-charge version which is 14500 only: Fireflies Stainless Steel AA/14500 LED Flashlight – JLHawaii808

For perspective, the TS10 is about 8mm taller than the S1R Baton (shorty 16340) and maybe one or two mm shorter than the SC21. The Enogear is about 9mm taller than the TS10 with a slimmer body, and it’s about 38mm shorter than the FC11.

FC11 short tube. It’s definitely worth trying the 2700k