suggetion for inexpensive IP68 flashlight/headlamp good for up to 3 meters diving?

Someone was asking me for an IP68 rated flashlight (which can be attached to a headstrap) or headlamp that can be used underwater, maybe up to 3 meters depth.

Max lumens wasn't mentioned but I suppose something like 500-1000 lumens or so would be acceptable.

And if there are any entry-level options (maybe there are some inexpensive flashlights that can already handle up to 3 meters depth)?

Preferably not too bulky (so either 1x 18650, 1x 21700, or maybe up to 1x 26650).

Any suggestions?

A cheapie at BangGood: Elfeland L2 2000LM High Power Waterproof Diving LED Flashlight +18650 battery .

An even cheaper fluorescent green one at page 1 of Fin17’s BangGood deals, at about 3/4 down the page there’s a small selection.

XANES HX2 XANES HX2 - new compact 18650 L-shape flashlight
I know the brand is not so popular but it survived 30m freediving :slight_smile:
…attached to my other head….