Sugguestion: $150, battery included, EDC and self-defense

The TK01 is super heavy, and heavy duty. You would be lifting weights all the time.

Tail switch is on/off only the side switch does the rest. Slight twist of the tail and it’s locked out. Also the side switch goes green when under 50% and red when under 20%. It ran on low for 3+ weeks before it turned off. High will run for well over 30 minutes sitting as is before it get very hot to pick up and use.

All true in my experience. Lights good for years and the port cap fails after a few uses.

So you epoxy your USB charging ports?

Banggood sells it as the FT01 not TK01 and it’s still listed. is not me, but soo many lovely toys.

On some I potted the electronics all together. Some I just leave sealed. This one I’ll boost then pot but I do procrastinate a bit. Silicone potting from will cover most of your needs.

I roll hard, I see they have thermal epoxy. More my speed. lol.


Does it stay on high until the battery can no longer sustain the output? Also, I’ll be holding it while using, so does the above number still apply?

It’ll run high, 1300 lumens for about 1.25 hours with the Samsung 50E 21700. Holding a light lets your hand act as a cooling conduit as does colder weather. It’s shear mass allows the sitting by itself for 30 minute run time. It could probably run the whole 1.25 hour. It would however be to hot to pick up and hold that way. I live in warm to hot Texas. In cooler Yankee lands it’ll stay cooler.

I see. Thank you for the information!