Sugguestion: $150, battery included, EDC and self-defense

Hi guys,
I’ve been looking for a set of flashlight for my wife and myself. Since she prefers some specific features, the list will be in two sections: Mutual and For Her. The closer to the list you can find the better, but all suggestions are welcome.

_ Budget: up to $150 EACH, battery included
_ Battery:

  • Micro-USB/ USB-C rechargeable (whether charge on the batter itself, or on the flashlight)
  • Removable
  • High mode: At least 1hr @ 1,000 lms
    _ UI: Single-handed use, with instant access to momentary light, and turbo/strobe mode
    _ IPX 7/8

For her:
_ Button: Tailcap (I can have either tailcap or side button)
_ Size:

  • Body diameter: up to 30 mm / 1.2 in (I’m fine with 50 mm / 2 in body diameter)
  • Length: up to 102 mm / 4 in ( I’m comfortable with 165 mm / 6.5 in in length)

In short, the ideal flashlight for us would have the above, in the form factor of the HDS EDC Executive, LE, or Tactical.

I have researched and compiled a list of 28 flashlights, with the following meeting most features at good prices:
Tailcap button:

  • EagleTac (tailcap button + twisty head for modes > 2 hands): DX3L Pro Rechargeable, G3L, S25L-R, S25L-R MK II, T25L-R MK II
    + Acebeam (tailcap button + 1 side button for on-off switch and modes > 2 hands): L16, L30 Gen II

Side button:

  • EagleTac (2 side buttons for on-off switch and modes): TX3G Pro MK II
  • ThruNite (1 side button for on-off switch and modes): TC20, TC15
  • Acebeam (1 side button for on-off switch and modes): EC50 Gen III

In this list, the ThruNite TC20 is the best value: $90.00 (1x26650@5,000mAh + Micro USB cable, High mode @ 1,800 lms for 2.5 hrs). The Acebeam EC50-III is the same, in my opinion, for $25 more. However, neither has a tailcap button AND I’m not sure if I have instant access to momentary light, and turbo/strobe mode, for which I’m still looking for better options for my wife.

Hope to hear from you!

The Acebeam L16 will give you full turbo with an almost depleted battery just by pushing the real tailcap switch

Ah, that’s good. Thanks for letting me know!

Acebeam L30 21700 would be your best bet.


It is on my list, with the L30 Gen II. Do you have a preference between the two?

self defence flashlight is nonsense

even if you carry a gun it does not help you if you are not carefully watching whats going on around you, to react before the attacker is too close
if you are attacked the last thing you think about is a flashlight

Nah, I won’t say it…

Oh, who’m I kidding? Of course I will :smiling_imp: :

I think Klarus would disagree.

Self defence… Maglite 6D

By “self defense”, I mean to light up the area when needed, and if necessary, to distract the assailant for escape.

We do pay attention to our surroundings. It’m just that the flashlight would help a lot more.

@Lightbringer: That’s some cringe.

@sp5it: The Maglite 6D does not provide a 1,000 lm beam though :frowning:

Yeah, but it’s a maglite, so the robber will see it and figure out you’re not worth his time.


Any other suggestions?

I am sure you know that almost all of these lights step down and don’t run what they state on the package most of the time. They use FL1 Standards, which is false advertising in my opinion. There are honest companies and exceptions.

Example: For the Acebeam L16… High: 1000lms, 1hour 12minutes, 46560cd, 431m
Turbo: 2000lms, 1hour 6minutes, 90800cd, 603m

This isn’t happening, your not going to get twice the lumens and have the exact same run time. 2000 lumens for a couple minutes then a step down.

You have done a lot of research. I have yet to give into USB rechargeable lights though, so my help is highly limited. (You did mention self defense though). I like the cells removable whether they are primaries or rechargeable. I am one of the very, few people here that use only CR123A cells when I need a light to work 100% of the time. In a 3 cell light one cell will go bad. The lumens will drop, but you still have light, even if 2 cells go bad you will still have light. I come home and then test them. I always find at least one good cell, and most of the time I keep that cell and toss the bad ones. I use the good cell in a S1 Baton.

I can tell you from personal experience, back when the 500 lumen Surefire M6 was the king. I was being chased by a drunk guy around my truck. I was backing up and blasting him in his fully night adapted eyes with it. Sometimes constantly, sometimes I manually strobed it directly into his fully night adapted vision, and it barely slowed him down. (a little bit, but not much). We both ended up in a persons front yard I quickly got a blood choke on him and he took a nice nap.

Flashlights are the best tool for situational awareness in the dark. Most criminals will avoid people using bright lights and look for another target just from seeing that you have a light even if you never see them. (I know this from my previous work). Begin extra credit info: :exclamation: Meth heads might actually have the largest flashlight collections bar none, because they are out tweaking all night 3-10 days with no sleep. You will never find a tweaker without a light. They also are paranoid and will think anyone with a 1000 lumen light is a cop. ( Just trust me on this ) End extra credit info :smiley:

Anyway, back on topic. I would say forget strobe, it is useless. Just get something bright for a decent amount of time with a dead stupid switch on the tailcap you can’t forget. Mash it and have another way to defend yourself, because light doesn’t work well in a fight.

With coupon it’s $52.77 it takes 21700 batteries and weighs enough to run on high for a long time or crown some one king for awhile. MATEMINCO TK01 XHP50.2 2215LM 310m 21700 Tactical Led Flashlight – Nealsgadgets

I equipped a few deputies with them and they all carry and love it. It’s built like a tank with very easy controls. I do recommend an external charger to spare the charging port plug from loosing its water proofing. The smooth stainless steel bezel is solid with a good edge. The tail has three great teeth. It’s cheap enough not to care when using it as a striking tool.

If you really want something monstrous though:

That thing will not only blind everybody, but hitting someone with it could probably kill them.

What about the C8F-21700? Takes a 21700 or 18650 with a sleeve. No built-in charging, but can probably get a cell with onboard charger. Sideclicky sets modes and soft on/off, rear tailclicky is momentary-on and remembers its last mode. Something like 2000lm, can probably sustain 1000lm forever as it’s pretty beefy and sheds heat well.

Blah blah blah. Nice light.

texas shooter

Nice find! Does that have a tail switch as well?


That’s a real bummer. I honestly initially thought the light output drops only at turbo, given how the specs are described. With that in mind, I want to look for something that will stay at at least 1,000 lms until the battery dies, i.e. will not drop because of heat.

That said, I do see your point on strobe. In that sense, I’d say I’m looking for a rechargeable light with tail switch, and will stay at 1,000 lms for at least an hour before the battery dies. Momentary light would be nice, but a sustainable 1,000+ lumens for 1+hr is top priority. The Surefire Fury DFT is one of the 28 for this reason.

Your story is intriguing to read. Thanks!

@texas shooter

This is the Astrolux TK01, a brand by I just found out about it this morning and have been reading reviews on it. Thanks for reminding me about this! stops selling TK01 on their site, only TK02 and TK03
By the way, @Deputy Dog mentioned you in his/her comment and I thought it’s a flashlight brand/store, for which I google’d “texas shooter flashlight” and there was an actual site of a physical store selling tactical gears LOL Weapon flashlights – Texas Shooter's Supply


Thanks for the suggestion! I don’t mind the size, as long as it’s not too big for me to take out of my backpack fast when I need to.

@Deputy Dog

Here’s a review of the Mateminco TK01: [Unboxing] MATEMINCO TK01 Tactical Flashlight (Astrolux FT01)

I would buy a external charger like you recommend. I would also epoxy the USB port completely shut and then replace the cover when the epoxy is still setting and then it would be a cheap way to get around a real problem as long as a high quality epoxy is used. Those charging ports are just for sales, and convenience for the user. Not for reliability, but we all know that……………… :person_facepalming: