Summer Giveaway….. GAW !!!

Just started carrying almost all of Lee filters color correction filters in the tougher Zircon material .
Four minus green Zircon filters
& now → Five Amber Zircon filters that are used to lower temperatures/ kelvin and turn cooler tints into neutral or warmer colors.
Winners can choose 6 samples of everything I have in inventory.
It’s a fun and easy way to craft your favorite flashlights beam .

Giveaway is simple .
All you have to do is
#1 - Name a couple lights you own that you’d like a warmer tint on or get rid of a green tint .

You can also say —> I’m in or help !!!’

Giveaway ends July 4th
People who post that they wish not to be included in this GAW are unnecessarily messing with the random org picking of the winner . They are also obnoxious offensive ugly and should be seriously beaten .

Good luck

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I’m in

S21E 519 green outer circle in low and half light.

S2+ SST40 5000K less yellow.

My SC31 Pro with SST-40 needs a green tint fix

Also, I have some cheap Chinese zoomies that needs lower color temp fix

An older Zebralight 600 iv plus - some minus green would work wonders here!

JetBeam PA-40.

One of the first two or three lights I bought after discovering BLF. Great light for it’s time I guess & has been as reliable as an anvil. Needs serious help in the blue/green arenas.

Thanks for the GAW!


Funny enough my M21b with the GT40 3000k is a bit greenish. Wish I could fix it!

I have a couple of Sofirn SC31’s that are extremely green :unamused:

I’m in. I have some cheapy worklights scattered about hat could all be warmed up a bit

I’m in.

I’m in; I’d have so many lights among friends that I’d like to learn better how to use film. I’d likely start with some XHP50.2 & 70.2 lights in the collection that are my daily go-tos.

I’m in.

I’ve got some cold LED’s I’d much rather weren’t so blue: SFT40 in a Convoy Z1, XHP70 in a Klarus G20L, 3V XHP50 in a Convoy S2+… Plus it would be interesting to see if the green hue of an LH351D could be improved (not that it really bothers me that much.)

I’m in or help !!!’

I just put a Z2 filter on my S21E with the XHP50.3 HI this morning. It looks nicer. It might be nice to try the Lee filter on my SST40 S21A.

The LH351D is an easy emitter to fix . Maybe because it’s a hi cri and when you straighten up the green issue they look great .
Same with the sst20 4000k hi cri . When you deal with the green I think they are great little throwy hi cri emitters . Easy fix .
My Convoy S21A SST40 was really bad and it took a 1/2 minus green Z-4 filter to fix it .

I’m in or help !!!’

Olight Warrior 2 mini. It has a wonderful construction and the magnetic charging is kind of nice. We won’t need to go into the battery… But that emitter is a true deal breaker for me when my daily rotation contains 519a lights. Other than that, the TS11 having a better CRI would be interesting and it seems like that dream could possibly come true!

Ok kids

Let’s jump on this giveaway before it ends ….

I am in.

I’m in!

19 minutes to go !!!