Summer Holiday Promotional Penlight PA02

TANK007 PA02 is a portable mini flashlight, which is best for doctors, nurse, medical students, etc.

Professional and User-friendly design make you comfortable and convenience.
Never afraid to be compared with other flashlight, even we encourage you to do so.
End click switch with feel comfortable.
Constant current circuit chip for constant brightness.
With diffusers specially designed, it can work as a camping lamp, signal stick or bracket light.

Output Levels Three mode
Max Brightness 90 Lumens
Throw Beam 80 Meters
Battery 2*AAA
Input Voltage 0.8V-3.7V
Burn Time 1.2 hours
Material Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum T6061
Treatment Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
Reflector Vacuum coated aluminum optical reflector
Lens Tempering optical lens
Switch End click switch
Construction Waterproof to IPX-8 standard
Impact Resistant Anti-drop height of 1.5 meters
Size Length: 5.00 inch; Bezel diameter: 0.54 inch
Weight 0.90 ounces (excluding batteries)

More details: Tank007 aluminium alloy LED penlight mini doctor nurse pen flashlight torch waterproof medical pen light



You keep using that word.

I do not think it means what you think it means.

What is Promotional do you think?

Please look up the word “promotion” in Merriam-Webster. It says:

: the furtherance of the acceptance and sale of merchandise through advertising, publicity, or discounting

I think I may have overlooked the discounting part in your promotion.
In fact it is yet another Tank007 thread without a price being mentioned.

Without consulting a dictionary (), when something is on sale, it's promotional.

If it's not on sale, it's not a promotion.

Sorry, but the price, or rather, $22.99, can be found in the page that is linked to. The original price for this flashlight is $29.99

My apologies.

I didn't realize it was on sale.

there are important information missing in producs specs.

1. mode groups and if it has no memory
for a medical light start at low without memory

2. light color
5000K would be a good spot

3. High CRI >90
for a natueral color rendering CRI70 LEDs let look skin green

If I were buying this for myself, I’d agree with you on all three points. But, about your point two: My personal preference is 5000K, but I think for medical it might be better a bit warmer - maybe 4500K.

This light is about 5oooK, one mode and three modes are available, white and yellow light are available.