Sunwayman Customer Service Is Simply Outstanding

You guys know I bought a Sunwayman V60C. Well I got to messing with it taking it apart. Well a long story short I ended up scratching the heck out of my reflector trying to remove a fingerprint using a paper towel. That's a big no-no. So don't so it. Anyway I emailed Sunwayman and got a response back from the CEO, Richard Zhou. I even offered to pay them for the reflector. Nope. Richard forwarded the email to Sherry, who then sent it to Elaine. Anyway it was Richards request to send me a brand new reflector at their cost. Now that is simply awesome right there. I spoke to Rick about this on the phone who is rikr here. He said you won't have no luck getting a reflector for it. We bet $1. Ricks prior experience on getting parts for another brand light in the past hadn't been good. I told him you just got to talk to the right people. I told him I would get reflector even if I had to pay for it. Well Rick said good luck. Looks like Rick owes me a buck.

Anyways thank to Richard and Sunwayman. You guys rock. And I just wanted to tell you guys that when you get an email back with this statement from Sunwayman they do mean it.

We Care.... Customer First!!

Had a fingerprint on my T40CS and a new reflector is on the way. Very happy!

They responded quicker and more efficiently then the Zebralight customer service!

They fixed my V60C, M10r and V10R all for free!!!

did you have to ship them back to your dealer (or to whom)?

and have you had to pay for shipping costs?

The service is good, but who made the fingerprint? Do you get the light with it (then, the quality controll isn't perfect).


What happened with the three flashlights? Did you get them with problems or do you work with them for a longer time and you made a mistake (for example torches fall down), which Sunwayman fixed?

Glad to hear about your positive experience, its always good when consumers are treated well and are happy with a company and product!

Enjoy the light.

Thank you for your experience.

The V60C was bought new and only work correctly for 2 days. After two days the light just got 90% on every mode.

V10R was bought used working great. I used RCR123 in it and it couldn't go back to CR123A

M10R stop working out of the blue.

I shipped all three back to China (or Hong Kong I forgot) at my own shipping cost. The lights where repaired and shipped back to me for free.

My v60c reflector is badly damaged by my mishandling too. Email them hoping to purchase a new one and SWM offer to send me one for just the shipping cost. Impressive customer service. Btw, really hope SWM is coming out with a 3xml.

Nice to hear that some vendors actually take the trouble to give good service.

THAT'S the thing that I look for in deciding whom to purchase from. I'd much rather spend a few dollars more ordering from a good and reliable seller than try and save a little and end up with a big headache when things don't go as expected.