Sunwayman T40CS Vs Olight M3X & Crelant 7G5

Just got done taking these beamshots for those that wanted to see how the Sunwayman T40CS compared against some of my best XM-L throwers. Now I haven't taken the 7G5 pictures yet, but I will. But I wanted to go ahead and get started. Now I am going to go with a manual setting. Let's try this anyway and see how it does. Shutter speed is 2 and focal is 4. These still aren't as bright as they actually are in person. But they should give you an idea of how each does. But these are definately not what I see in person. But it washes out all of the excessive white beam in front of the lens with the nite mode setting.

Sunwayman T40CS 60yds.

Olight M3X 60yds

I'll take some with the Crelant 7G5 and post the best out of the 4 like I did with these lights above.

Crelant 7G5 60yds

Ok you guys can pick the winner.

Looks like the M3X takes this one but not by much. Great Pictures Brad.

EDIT: 7G5 Takes the win........:) :(

Well I know which one I'm picking. But you guys have fun with it. Maybe you guys will see things differently than what I did.

7G5 wins again.

I told myself I would let the others have fun with this before I say that. But I agree.

And I was going to take some more shots at longer ranges, but mother nature isn't cooperating right now with the rain.

I just took my M3X, T40CS and the 7G5 outside, well aiming out the propped open door it's raining here. What I saw with mine is T40CS beat the M3X and my 7G5 barely beat my T40Cs. All had fresh charged batteries. I just don't get it sometimes my 7G5 looks great then it falls on it's face.

Can you do some more beamshots on the T40cs?

With such a small difference, I'd take the SWM hands down. Their quality has never failed to blow me away with attention to detail, perfect machining and anno, threads....just awesome lights....

Plus the side switch just sells the T40CS for me. With a long light, I NEED a side switch.

But damn does that 7G5 continuously impress!

I will be the first to admit that the Sunwayman is the nicer quality light. And really the beam on this light would really be all a guy would ever want in a thrower XM-L.

In these photos I would have to say the 7G5 is brighter...

I would say.. they are all the same ;) Seriously I keep looking back and forth between the three and each time a different one seems to be slightly brighter, I can not tell a difference.