Sunwayman V11r LED output comparisons 219b, LH351d, 519a

Sunwayman V11r

w sw30 220 lumens
w sw45k 270 lumens
w 2700K LH351D 365 Lumens
w 4500k 519a 420 lumens
(btw the minimum w 519a is 0.01 lumens, lowest Ive seen on a V11r)


in V11r beam is worse w 519a than LH351d, but 519a beam is better than sw45k


Tint of 519a is much greener than sw45k (true for most LEDs):


color comparisons:


DUV comparisons



imo, the 519a is not as good a match for the V11r reflector, as the LH351d.

I dislike the Tint shift of the 519a, it has a green corona.

For people wanting higher Lumens and neutral Tint DUV, the 519a has higher output than LH351d.

Overall, my first impression of the 519a 4500k (mine came from Convoy Simon), is that it is not an LED that I would want to use again, due to tint shift (fixable with a pebble Tir), and not low enough DUV for my personal preference.

fwiw, I got a DUV of –0.0018 on maximum output (~400 lumens)… the DUV of –0.0003 was at 15 lumens

— for reference, here is the same light when it had LH351d 2700k mod

and some other V11r pics w 219b mods:

I found the greenest LED I have… now the 519a does not look so green:


Tint perception changes based on the Tint of other lights it is compared to.

Ultimately, each of us has to try different LEDs for ourselves, to form our own impressions.

Good info jon_slider! Thanks for posting.

Dedomed the 4500k 519a in the V11r

first impressions

1. really messed up the beam, big dark shadow in the spill…


2. max lumens dropped 11%

3. Opple says CCT dropped from 4400K to 3300K, DUV dropped from –0.0020 to –0.0038. Light was set to 20 lumens for those tests. At 100 lumens the dedomed 519a is 3500K, DUV –0.0040

4. The dedome process was to pick at the side of the dome with tweezers, until it peeled off. It did not come off in one piece. I had to pick out a bunch of bits, using a plastic toothpic. Fortunately there is a sheet of glass under the dome. I managed to get most of it shiny, without scratches or adhesive. And the good news is the LED still works… Though I probably will replace it due to the Funked UP Beam!

Conclusion… Dedoming is Bad for the Beam. It creates a more pink tint, at about 3500K, than a 3500k 219b. Both produce equally bad beams in a V11r. The 519a with dome on makes a MUCH cleaner beam. Output w sw45k is 270 lumens, the 519a it is 420 lumens dome on, dedomed 370 lumens. iow, the dedomed 519a is 51% brighter than 3500k 219b, and the dedome makes the 519a have lower DUV than the 219b 3500k.


image gallery:

Dedoming alters the focus, you need to re-focus by bringing the reflector closer to the led, if there is a plastic centerthingie you could sand it very thin at the bottom.

yes, thanks, I agree lowering the reflector 0.5mm could help eliminate the shadow in the spill…

the centering ring is non standard, Im reluctant to modify a part I cannot replace… will think of other options…

for the V11r reflector, the 519a beam is cleaner w dome On, and produces a larger hotspot.

but the dedome might work fine in other lights

Ive ordered a couple Thrunite Ti3 for further testing

I was suprised how Warm the 519a became after the dedome… It does have more lumens, and lower DUV than 219b sw35.

So a dedome 4500k 519a is a viable replacement for 3500k 219b.