Sunwayman V60C and Thrunite Scorpion V2 (Pics Inside)

I just received Sunwayman V60C and Thrunite Scorpion V2.

Both have superb body quality and finishing. V60C has more round shape beam than Scorpion. And V60C is brighter.

V60C doesn't have tailcap switch to change mode or on/off, instead everything is controlled from magnetic ring.

I consider this V60C as a 2 modes flashlight: adjustable mode(where you can control the brightness you want) and strobe mode. Slowly turning the control ring clockwise from OFF mode and the beam will gradually increase its brightness. Once you hear and feel the "click"sound then it reaches its HIGH ouput level. You turn again clockwise then it will change into strobe mode.

3*18650 are in series.

I didnt purchase the desktop charger as i feel it doesnt necessary. I prefer to charge the batteries separately.

Scorpion V2 has 4modes (based on initial test that i've done): High mode(momentary), Strobe(momentary), Low(what they call as firefly) and lock mode.Mode is changed by turning the hardened plastic bezel on the tailcap.High and Strobe are momentary/temporary modes, where you need to press and hold the button to keep the light on. Firefly is not a momentary mode, but it is a very very low beam. Lock mode is a mode where you can set the mode you prefer. By pressing and holding the tailcap button for few seconds, the beam output will increase/decrease its brightness level gradually. Once you find the brightness level that you prefer, release the button and it will memorized it. This will be your beam level on lock mode. You can simply change the beam by pressing and holding the button again

Here are some pictures (sorry for bad quality images as i took them with my cell phone)


Scorpion V2

That V60C is an awesome light. Who did you buy it from and can I ask what price you paid?

And if you feel I am being too noisy then that is fine too. I was just curious vs what I can get one for.

I paid about U$ 180 for V60c and $160 for scorpion.


Thank you. I know where I can get the V60C for $125 shipped. That's the best price I have found so far. I probably will buy one eventually. But right now I am wanting a Fenix TK70 I believe.

The thing is, Harry is going through his local dealer hence he has a chance to check and even reject the flashlights. For us, even 1 lost package (it can happen even with DHL and registered mail, and has happened before) is one too many. Or a DOA light, and many don't wish to return it. Me included, luckily my return shipping was covered by the dealer for the TK70. If that package contains a > $100 light, then it is sheer nightmare.

yap.. what 2100 said was right.. if anything happened with my items, i can simply return them back to my local seller.

I do know that the price i paid is more than those who are selling online but ZERO risk. It's like you pay more for insurance.

Next items that will arrive are Ultrafire WF-504B and UF-T60, Solarforce M6 and M8

Heh heh...Harry, i really don't know if your dealer would even consider getting the TM11 to sell. :D

Andy was the seller who owns this website( that told me the $125 shipped deal on the Sunwayman V60C. One seller on ebay after I told him what I could get that V60C for that he had for sell since I was inquiring about his price with or w/o charger that was below his cost. He ask me if I was sure that was legit, and I told him yes.

After long consideration, i will get the TM11.

This TM11 is from different supplier.

$125 is a very good deal.

Btw, V60C beam is yellowish (i just compared to thrunite Catapult V3) and the beam is bigger than catapult.

Andy has one listed again on ebay for less than $130. But if you email him directly and pay him via paypal I believe he will sell you one for $125. That's what he told me. I'm guessing that goes for others as well.

I check the spec on the web, it is stated that the working voltage is 5,5V-25.2V

can i actually use a motorcycle battery (12V) on V60C?

Yeah, of course. It already takes 3 x 18650 in series. But how would you be able to hook it up say with croc clips with a good connection without scratching things up?

If you want some DIY emergency light, hook up with a couple of those 5W MR16 LED bulbs + connectors, 2 of them are quite bright. Can find on DX, aliexpress etc.

You may wish to read Selfbuilt's review on the TM11

Would you choose Tm11 or M3C4? both come with 3 XML Leds.

Actually if you have the budget, RRT-3 XM-L.

But why not play with it first and see if you like it, the DRY triple XM-L? There is a new version coming out.... pretty ok and about $90.

I find that the head of dry 3xml is similar design with Trustfire TR-3T6. Also, Dry design is't really interesting. How does the new version look like?

I am still considering RRT3.... part of the consideration is the output beam flood or throw.. Tm11 has more flood and RRt3 is a thrower.. I might get the TM11 before getting RRT3

Why i purchased V60C is simply because it is the cheapest (than rrt3 and tm11).

After reading this thread, m I right to say that the flickering issue is solved ? Seems like those who got it recently are quite happy with it.

Actually the new DRY external design is the same. If you have the budget then go for it....because definitely you will not stop at one.... so seriously it is going to be a whole lot of money.

There really is no difference in output in real life between RRT-3 and TM11. Not visible to the eyes in real usage.