Super Bowl LV (February 7th, 2021)

The Super Bowl is in one week!

It'll be the Kansas City Chiefs at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Chiefs have a better record, and are probably the better team.

They're a three point favorite in Las Vegas.

I'm 44 years old, and Tom Brady is about my age, so I think I'll root for the Buccaneers.

(Also, I've been rooting for Tom Brady for a while now.)

Which team do you like?

I haven’t watched a game this “season”

Go Buccaneers!

I haven't either, but I like to watch the Super Bowl.

For sports games other than the Super Bowl, I usually just watch the NBA Finals and some of the NBA Playoffs.

I am the most casual of football enthusiasts. But I live in CT so have no home team technically, and I always favored the patriots. So that being said, everything Brady did for the organization, I’ll root for the Buccaneers

Hey, that’s great, but who are the Chefs?

Packers fan here. But I’ll probably be rooting for for the Buccs as I quite like the Tampa Bay area. Will be a late night (into early morning) to watch live in the UK though.

like cohoer…i have not watched any either.
used to watch a lot, but the magic is gone.

and like raccoon city…i will watch the SB.
well, through half-time anyway, maybe more.

back to the question: “Which team do you like?”
i hope the Officials have a Really Good Game.

but what about the Puppy Bowl?

No idea why people still bother with that POS imgur site… Can’t see anything here at work whether embedded or at the actual imgur site (“Secure connection failed” on new FF and modern machine), and might see embedded images but nothing at all at the just-dark-gray imgur site at home (old FF and old laptop). And I know I’m not the only one, ’cause others mentioned it, too.

Anyway. Figured that wouldn’t land, so…

Somebody must have ordered their Superbowl on Wish…

Mozilla firefox is the problem. You wouldn’t have any problems with chrome based browsers like chrome or brave. Mozilla has gone out of their way to ruin the experience for hundreds of thousands if not millions of other users. Mozilla doesn’t listen to their users anymore.

In order for Firefox, Waterfox or any other mozilla browser to work properly, you have to “opt out of beta” in imgur. It’s a small bracket with a left arrow. click on that and select “use old design”. Or better yet, switch to a chrome based browser like everyone else is doing. Brave is a good implementation of chromium. Has lots of privacy features too.

I grew up a Minnesota Twins fan and have always remained one. Kansas City Chiefs QB Pat Mahomes father(Pat Sr.) came up through the Twins farm system as a pitcher and I followed his career faithfully. Pat Sr. had some moderately successful years with the Twins before moving around the league as something of a journeyman. Never became a real star in baseball but his son sure has in the game of football. I reckon you can guess who I’m rootin for.

Wow, you look a lot younger than 44 in your dangerously cute "Welcome to BudgetLightForum" picture greetings to new members.

Go Chefs!

Yep, and I'm not that female either.

Don't let anyone else know, it will be too disappointing.

I saw the game today.

It was quite a letdown, even though my team won.

I guess I only like the Super Bowl when it's close.

Didn’t watch this year. I took a knee and could not get up . Old age is a bitch