Super Bowl predictions

Chiefs by 1. 24 - 23

Detroit 35
Chiefs 31

Ok for real now!
49r’s 41
Chiefs 38

Glorify Yoko camera shots 13

My prediction: crazy amounts of money will be made off of rubes conditioned to expect a spectacle. Said spectacle will be all but forgotten within a year or 2 by over 90% of the spectators.

Personally, I’m taking a knee, however, many of the the superbowl commercials you will (or will not) see are available. $7million for a 30 sec spot.

[Want to watch Super Bowl 2024 commercials before the big game? These ads are already live. - CBS News](The superbowl commercials you will (or will not) see tomorrow. Want to watch Super Bowl 2024 commercials before the big game? These ads are already live. - CBS News Popeyes Reeces I didn’t make it past that. )



I didn’t make it past that.

“Super Bowel”?
Is that the beginning of a large movement? :poop:

I don’t know who will win, but I’m rooting for the 49ers.
I hope it’s an entertaining game, regardless of who wins.
Then, I get to win… by watching something entertaining. :football:

Funny, I was a Joe Montana/Rice/49er fan back in the day then lost interest in the game until recently. Morphed into an Eagles fan because I know a lot of Philly fans. I think Mahomes is great for a young kid though.

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I predict that Taylor Swift will do the coin toss, the first kick, the halftime show and the first thing she’s going to do after all that is go to Disney world. Is it too late to get tickets to see her?

  1. most watched, highest rated Super Bowl.
  2. at least one streaming service will go down.
  3. signal lags among TV/online/etc. disrupt betting.
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Prediction, Talor Swift is the star of the show.

You aren’t allowed to say anything negative or positive about her ….

But she likes low cri ,next mode memory , green tints and low frequency pwm.

If Boomer was a true Bengal he would hate San Francisco

Kansas City will lose because they are missing

They’re best player not on the field ….
#62 Joe Thuney

Thuney has never missed a start in his five-year career.

The six-foot-five, 308-pound Thuney has spent each of the last five seasons with the New England Patriots after being selected with the No. 78 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. Thuney hasn’t missed a game in the time since then, starting all 80 contests of his career. In fact, according to Next Gen Stats, Thuney has played 500 more snaps at left guard than any other player in the NFL since 2016. Overall, only Philadelphia Eagles’ center Jason Kelce (5,252) has logged more total snaps along the offensive line than Thuney (5,222) over the last five seasons.

He earned Second-Team All-Pro honors in 2019 and has plenty of postseason experience, too, starting 10 playoff games and winning two Super Bowls with New England. Furthermore, as it turns out, Thuney is the only player in NFL history to begin his career with three-straight Super Bowl appearances.

Five Things to Know About New Chiefs’ Guard Joe Thuney

Another reason San Francisco will win ….

Well, good game. Kept me on the edge of my seat til the end. Not crazy about the half time show. They need to bring back some rock and roll acts.

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So how were everyone’s bowels?

LMAO Quick edit

Yeah, it was a great game.
I liked the previous two 49er games more, but this Super Bowl was pretty good.
I watched about 30 seconds of the halftime show, but the music didn’t appeal to me.
I also didn’t watch any commercials, like usual.
I think I’ve seen enough commercials in my life already. :+1:


Man! That was harsh! lol.