SuperFire L2 SST-50 1300 Lumens 5-Mode 18650 Flashlight

Can this even be for real???

High 5000mA 1300LM / Middle 2000mA 550LM / Low 500mA 145LM / Strobe / SOS.

In an L2 kinda body I’m thinking pipe bomb.

I’m thinking oven gloves….

I wonder if this is really driven at 5A on high, I doubt it.

I wonder if its even an sst-50? Anyone remember the dino direct debacle?

The little bit of the emitter that is visible on the photographs looks like a SST, but who knows if the shipped copy of this light actually contains one ?

Even if they do run it at 5 amps, it won’t beat an xml2 run at 3.5 amps performance wise.
Sst50 is floodier than an XML and only dishes out 550-600 lumens at 3 Amps. I’m down to two Sst50 lights, because they aren’t able to keep up without being direct drive monsters. The beam is better than a P7, it’s efficiency isn’t a whole lot better.