supernight 12 for host?

I bought this flashlight at Goodwill for around $8. Took it home, added three 18650 and it would not work. I decided to poke around in there and accidentally grounded one of the leads against the body with a screwdriver. It worked! I know it’s bypassing all the circuitry and there is only one brightness level now. But it works! I made a bridge of solder from the lead to the body. It’s almost impossible to get solder to stick onto the body.

I was thinking about xhp70.2 to stick in there but does anyone make a single reflector for this flashlight head? I’ve never heard of this brand.

I’m also thinking this flashlight is too big and bulky and the 18650s (26650 I believe are correct size) are actually too small for the diameter of the body…and it’s heavy.

Can someone make a recommendation about what would be the cheapest route to get into xhp? I don’t want to spend near $100 so I figure DIY would be the way to go. Now what I need is advice and some links to make purchases…

I guess not then. I get overwhelmed by too much selection that I become somewhat paralyzed and not able to move forward on a project……

This picture is useless without threads.

I wouldn’t go with that light at all. Would be too expensive to use a buck/boost driver and modding the light with an XHP70.2

If you want a powerful light with very good heatsinking and inexpensively, I would recommend this beast, which uses a 26650:\_pp=0_455_8