Superthrower Beamshots + Lux

Lamp Lux
Convoy L6 Mod in kurz 91913
Convoy L6 Mod 113682
TinyMonster 16 130612
Acebeam K60 160443
Thrunite TN36 light 337818
FireFox 4 347493
Acebeam K70 445472
Mjölnir 459561
Thrunite TN32 dedomed 482942
BOSS1 Mod CW 486974
BOSS1 Mod NW 507936
X7 Mod Andi 546636
Fenix TK61 Mod Sma 592592
Lumensteins Lux Monster 1894682
Maxabeam 6530606

Wolfeyes Seal Mod Vinz

Solarstorm T4 Mod Prisma

Convoy L6 Mod in kurz

Convoy L6 Mod Andi


FireFox 4

Mjölnir Mod Vinz

Acebeam K70

BOSS1 Mod Andi

Thrunite TN32 dedomed

Fenix TK61 Mod Sma

Lumensteins Lux Monster

grünes Scheusal Mod Sma


Die Rote Mod



Do we know the distance to that pole?

it was 415m, but we can throw further. :smiley:

I had never seen the BOSS 1 before. I like the look of it and wow, 4x 26650, talk about run time!

What is the mod done to it?

Anyone know where to get one that is in stock? Gearbest is out of stock and nothing else came up in a quick google that I would trust ordering from.

I have never been much of a thrower guy but after building a 400kcd+ DO1, I have to say, it is fun to be able to light something up 700m+ away, even if not very practical.

I have been looking for a good thrower host with ~100mm reflector.

Impressive!! :+1:

Hey mate would you be able to explain what is done to the Solarstorm T4?

Thanks for the informative post.

My BOSS1 Mod is:
4 x 26650 in series
1 x XHP35HI E2 in NW / Copper MCPCB with DTP
1 x LD-M2 with 4S and 2,5A on Heatsink

…good Lumen and good bright Spot/Corona, and veeeery long Runtime. :slight_smile:
(HERE the Mod in german….now i have a “mechanical-E-Switch-Combo” :sunglasses: )

…for T4 Mod, i asked Xandre, it´s a gift from Prisma to Xandre. :wink:

Thanks Andi. You have some very nice lights.

In the Solarstorm are 4 XPL Hi direkt drive (fet) :beer:

And I really love it.

Not because of the fat power,ok sure.

Because what is deeper inside.

Regards Xandre

Wow, what a great collection of high quality beam shot photos. Lots of diligence and hard work here. Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

We make a meeting/BBQ
and some friends come with the flashlights.

Thanks to everybody who comes and to everybody who helps moddiify flashlights :+1:

Regards Xandre

Wow, impressive super throwers! Thanks for sharing.

Is there any chance for this triple reflectors to be modded?

what an inpressive list!

TA, the Boss1 does not have the best of threading and they are rather short.