Supfire C8-T6 Classical Flashlight 15.64 USD Only Free Shipping in DHgate Farfar_ledtorch Shop

LED Light Source: LED Cree T6
Max Flux: 900 Lumens
Color Temperature : Cool White
Switch Type: Tail-cap Switch
Switch Mode: High/Mid/Low/Strobe/SOS
Battery: 1*18650 Battery(not included)
Lens: Organic Glass
Body Material: High Strength Aviation Aluminium Alloy
Water Resistant: IP67
Flashlight Size: Length 160mm,Head Diameter 45mm,Tail Diameter 25mm
Color: Black
Weight: 180g(0.40 pound)
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Hi farfarled, I like the design of this Supfire C8 much better than the classic C8, and it is a good price too. But what I really like is the Supfire-A6:

It is $21.53 in your shop, it is possible to have a better price on it?

That Supfire L6 reminded me of Ultrafire F17 but at much cheaper price of $15… hmm who’s copying who? :stuck_out_tongue:
but I like Supfire light, they have better quality than Ultrafire :slight_smile:

Hi, djozz

I can give you the price 17.92 USD, if you would like, you can give the order in my DHgate shop Supfire A6, I will change the price for you

Hi Daylighter

For the quality of Supfire, no one doubts it, in China, many small factories make Ultrafire flashlight, they copy everything, Supfire is a big flashlight factory, they have their own brand, and control the quality very strictly, so you can trust them

That is a great price, thanks, I am going to buy one . When I go to your shop is still says the $21.53 price, where in de payment process does that change to $17.92 ?

I have changed the price to 17.92 USD, you can give the order directly now!

If you would take Pay Pal I would by both of these lights so would others .

Just bought it, I think. Your site does not accept paypal, and I have no credit card, but there was the option for paying through iDeal, so that's what I did, it at least disappeared from my bank account. I Hope it came through. If all goes well, I will do a mini-review on the light :-)

Dear bikenber73

Thanks for your attention, you can pay in DHgate directly, DHgate has thousands of buyers everyday, you pay first, and when you get the flashlights and confirm they are ok, the DHgate will give the payment to me, otherwise if you are not satisfied with my service, you can refund your money from DHgate, so DHgate is the third platform to make sure the safe business between buyers and sellers, it is as similar as ebay,but it is a Chinese platform, so kindly don’t worry about it, I have finish 35 business in DHgate, every one is succesful.

+1 , Paypal is very convenient and safe for the buyers. I have the iDeal option, but I am not sure how widespread that is. And not everyone is ready to submit their bank account number to a company that far away.

…a company that farfar away… :stuck_out_tongue:

hahahhah, all guys, you are so humar, I just have this shop in DHgate, but I haven’t the paypal account,, you can check the site, it is very big site, like ebay, in China, the Aliexpress and DHgate are the biggest platform, kindly don’t worry. I will try to get one paypal account, maybe it will be convinient in future

I like that C8 too.
But i already have a couple of lights with C8 size reflector, so it wouldn’t really add to my collection.


is more interesting.
The M6, but with XM-L (previous generation).
Can you make a special price?

Only Paypal works for me. If you don’t accept Paypal payment then I’m sorry.

you sell some weird flashlights! This one is supposed to be explosion proof, goes 200 meters under water, and uses three old-school XR-E leds

Yeah, it is weird :stuck_out_tongue: , but it is a specific flashlight, suitable for Railway, Electric Industry, Security, Military,Oilfield, Metallury, and so on, because it is explosion proof, the level is Ex dⅡCT6, the 3 XR-E leds produce 800 lumens, it is enough for using usually, anyhow, it is designed for specific using, Supfire D8

LED Light Source: LED 3*Cree Q5
Max Flux: 800 Lumens
Voltage: 12V
Color Temperature : Cool White
Water Resistant : IP68
Explosion-proof: Ex dⅡCT6
Switch Type: Tack Switch on Handle
Switch Mode: High(800LM)/Low(300LM)/Strobe(AfteHigh mode, press 2 seconds)
Battery: Built-in Li-ion Battery
Lens: Thick Thoughened Glass
Body Material: Hard Alloy
Surface Treatment: Hard Anodized
Plug Type: US Plug
Durable time: High 8 hours, Low 15 hours
Flashlight Size: Length 147mm,Head Diameter 70mm,Tail Diameter 70mm
Weight: 1032g(2.27 pound)

hi farfarled, I just got in the Supfire A6-T6. I like it a lot, good quality body&parts, good beam, happy with it, thanks. I ordered another one for a modding project.

(one remark: the output is not the claimed 800 lumens, ten seconds after switch-on I measure 600 lumens OTF)

That’s great, it is my pleasure to hear you are satisfied, I will arrange another A6 to you, and thanks for your another order! Thanks for your measurement, it will help us to learn abou the accurate output, thanks again!

> Supfire A6-T6

Is there a brass (aka “copper”) replacement pill for that C8?