SupFire F9, group buy interest *not happening, low interest*

If you really want an F9, contact, Sweety Yu, she said she will honor the $28 shipped to the approx 80 countries on their list. If you wish to send a PayPal for that amount to (notice there is no “a” after the 3158 in the PayPal address), be sure to include your name, address, and telephone number along with the lights model number and mention BLF.

With only about 18 lights on the list below, not really worth the hassle. Anyone really wanting one of these can contact SupFire directly and get similar if not the same pricing I’ve gotten and shown here. Sorry folks, just not enough interest to get the ball rolling.

I have purchased and modified a SupFire F9 that I like a lot. I’ve taken some quick pictures and started a thread on this light. Quite a few people asked about a possible group buy, so I’m starting this thread as an interest thread to get an idea what kind of numbers we might purchase on this F9. Thread on this here.

I’ve spoken with SupFire and they are agreeable to doing this. They gave me a list of countries that they can ship to via Singapore Post, which they feel would be faster and safer to ship. The M6 group buy went well with some 80 lights purchased by us here. I was told that if we can do similar on this light, they can customize the UI with no blinkies, HI-MED-LO and asked if there were other requests.

So here’s your chance! A very nice “Titanium” finish F9, slightly larger than a C8 with very nice beam profile and custom UI.

I have to verify shipping costs and the price quoted, it’s quite low! So let me verify that and in the meantime, let’s get an idea of how many of these we want…

Thanks for your support, ideas on UI and emitter, and for bearing with me…never done this before! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Pricing

I have a list of countries that Ms. Yu provided, with 2 different pricing levels depending on the country. There’s some 80 countries covered. First part of this is nice, Second part…shipping…not so much! Price level 1 is $15.00 including PayPal fees. Price level 2 is $17.00 including fees. Depends on the country, with the list being split almost in half. The kicker is the shipping. Drives the prices up to $28.00 and $30.00.

Now, If I’d just told you straight up $28 and $30 it might not have been so bad. But knowing the light itself is only half the cost, that makes it an issue for me and I’m sure a lot of you as well. Ms. Yu suggested the Singapore post being a bit more expensive but quicker and safer. I will ask about a rock bottom option using China Post or any other more economical alternative. This is about enough to make me say Nevermind! I have shipped a few lights to the Philippines and elsewhere for around $8 with insurance from the US, so I know it shouldn’t be so high. Heck, it’s a tough light, stuff the little box in an envelope and tape it over, it’ll handle it!

At any rate, I will try and see if I can get this lower. I don’t like bickering, horsetrading, or whatever you want to call it. I’m the kind that if your first offer isn’t your best offer, you lost a sale. I DID pay the high shipping when I ordered the 2 I got, because I wanted the light pretty bad and they helped me out very nicely on an issue with a M6. Without that incentive, don’t know that I’d pay almost as much for shipping as the light itself costs. I reckon y’all will give me plenty of insight as to public opinion in this matter. :wink:

Based on the other thread it looks like a great little light; kind of like a C8 and A60 hybrid.

I’m interested pending price. $25 (what you said you paid for a single unit in other thread) is a little too steep right now, for me.

Took another look at other thread; I’m in. :bigsmile:

Not like I need another light but I’d probably be interested in one or two. Good thing the wife doesn’t read these forums too.


As always!


I would love to buy more of those M6… I wonder if pulsar able to get more group buy on those M6?
this new F9 is remind me of SupFire X5 :slight_smile:

I’m in for one provided that STROBE and SOS modes are disabled. Any chance of getting a U3 instead? Please advise. Thanks.

i need a vacation from BLF for a while,knowing this place really make my wallet flat :~

What the heck… I’m in :bigsmile:

Can we get a hidden strobe/sos mode? I suppose it depends on the driver they’re using supports mode groups.

Oh, and please see if they can take the chinese characters off the side.

Other than that… looks good. Thanks DBCstm!

Pricing and explanation added to original post.

Bottom line is 2 levels, depending on country shipped to. I’ve got a list, will look at that after some things have been determined.

Level 1 is $28.00 shipped.

Level 2 is $30.00 shipped.

Look at the EDIT in the OP for some details.

Group buy more expensive than single unit purchase… What? :frowning:

We need a delivery by pack mule option for 18 shipped. :wink:

Their shipping prices are weird, I negotiated for a driver and got 11$ Shipping costs for tracked shipping and could get them down to 8$ for untracked chinapost…weird.

What’s about shipping the lot to an asian member and then he sends it via chinapost out…

The nature of these people is to “Haggle” over the price.
They will almost always come down on the first price they give you.

That being said I will take at least 1 right now and may go for 2

Thanks for doing all the work on this Group Buy

The Supfire F9 appears to have the same deep reflector, bezel and finish as the Supfire X5-T6. I have three X5’s, and they are excellent quality hosts for the price. But like the F9, the driver needs to be swapped to make a descent light into one that is superb. I prefer the X5 over the F9 for its cleaner looks and cigar-carry tail cap. Both should perform exactly the same, and offer in increase in mass and surface area over a premium quality C8 (such as a convoy). This all equates to better heat sinking.

For another 10 hours, the Supfire X5 is available for $21.17 shipped. I just bought 2 more. The emitter color selector shows only available in warm white… perfect!

I am kind of working on something with the M6. Will keep you guys updated

The X5 looks nice too, it's stated that the X5 has a 45mm head while the F9 has a 48mm head. 3mm difference might or might not disallow the use of the same reflector. F9 weighs 189 grams vs the 175 of the X5, so there are some differences. The F9 is claimed to be 6063-T6 while the X5 is 6061-T6, whatever that's worth. The X5 uses an XM-L T6 while the F9 has an XM-L2 of unknown tint bin. They both have the same numbers on the battery tube so probably share the tube with different heads and tailcaps. The X5 says it's 30mm in diameter on the tail cap, the F9 says 26.

As we've found, retailers can make use of subsidizing while manufacturers cannot. Hence free shipping via China Post.

Either way, SupFire is making some fine, robust lights worthy of some attention.

wow… that’s very good deal… too bad these day I’m fixated on convoy L4 as the driver are very easy to mod and better looking beam IMHO.
but this light definitely is much better than regular C8 for sure :slight_smile:

The numbers on the battery tube are said to be the int’l phone number for the manufacturer.
I have one of the X5’s and it is a nice light. I would like to se someone like Tmart bring in the whole line up into their USA warehouse and blow them out for a good price.

How much to get one with “16mm Noction with XM-L2 T6 3A for it’s tint, used Arctic Silver 5 very minimally between the two, and wired up a new Qlite driver with 22ga silicon wires.”???

-Jamie M.

Jamie, a lot less than a Metzler Z8 Rear, that's for sure!