Supfire L3 (XML2 T6) 1-to-3 x 26650 Thrower | Review and Beamshots

I neglected to mention that this is a super-flexible tool for long runtime with up to 3 26650s as an option! It’s quite old and it isn’t perfect, but hell if it doesn’t offer up a unique toy/tool for those who dig 26650s!

I reviewed the Supfire L3 Zoomie version with the 2x 26650 tube and recommended no one ever buy it. It had the worst PWM to the point of feeling sick, the noise in the driver/output fluctuated like crazy, also it used a timer on all levels, even low reduced down to 230 lumens. The bundled charger died on its second use, and the batteries were mismatched causing one to discharge to a dangerous 2.3v (min cut off stated 2.75v). Tint was 8500K+

Recently had Supfire contact me to review their C20 and ended up telling them that their flashlights are terrible quality, no thank you. They insisted their C20 was very good quality, so I had a look and see sos and strobe in the rotation. They seem very much like a cheap company that do best selling to non flashlight individuals who believe 9 billion lumens are legit lol

I gifted the L3 because I couldn’t stand to look at it on my shelf, after a 40 hr review to be left with junk.

Ditto on my review of the Supfire T10…

Having potential is one thing while being a good light is another, of course.

Just clicked on that video and flashlightbrand sent me the L3 too lol. Never heard from them afterwards because of my honesty. I think they wanted my night footage, not so much a review.

Very annoying that they drew me in with brands like Nitecore and Fenix, then after saying yes, they offered the L3.

I had one bad experience with Supfire. Bought the L16 model early last year. But it lasted less than one month. Then the tail spring broke loose and I could not revive the light. I informed Supfire and, after a few weeks and several e-mail messages, they sent me a new tail cap. But it did not help. Even with the new tail cap, the flashlight cannot be switch on any more even though the switch would light up when I put in two 21700 cells. :frowning: