Suprisingly good budget friendly Sofirn SP30A with ultra low firefly mode

Check out offical Sofirn (aka Thorfire) store on Aliexpress, I found that this SP30A is really amazing for 17$ after using store coupon.
Moon light mode theoretically will last 2000 hours or 83days with Sanyo 3500mAh !!! Turbo mode is also close to 1000 lumen and have 3 min stepdown to HI mode like Eagle Eye lights X5R, X6 etc. Beam is flawless with nice hot spot…………wth just watch the video :smiley: :smiley:

Link to Ali store: ” Sofirn offical store”:

Really? Nobody care about this light? 1000 lumens with USB charging feature at $20 (or maybe less if somebody has coupon code), good modes and without visible PWM in every mode, I’d buy one.

Oh even I almost forgot about this one :smiley:
Interesting that I was just sniffing around on Ali when I found Sofirn brand.
After reviewing SP30A, they released SP31 and 32 witch are even better in quality,.and since then they became so popular on BLF.
If you ask me they really deserve a tittle for best value for the money in 2017!
With new C8 variations they realised,are really pushing the boundaries of stock lights performance.
God job Sofirn, just keep up in 2018 !

Good find Nikola :THUMBS-UP: