Hi, Looking to sell my Surefire 3p Red version flashlight.

It is in Excellent Condiotion, ORG Finish, No Box.

Hard to come by.

Asking $265 plus $7 INS and Sig Conformation.

Will only ship to the USA and to a Verified Paypal Address

PM me if interested and Thank you

See Pics:

Comes without Battery,
Thank you

Thank you, I appreciate that alot

Welcome to the madness, jerdad!

Good to be here :slight_smile:

Saw it on ebay same pics.

yeah, i had it on there last week and someone copied my pics off my listing i guess

Bit odd I can’t find an add for it other than the existing auction.
I think you need to post a new picture with BLF and todays date to confirm what you say is true.
I hate to see anybody here get scammed.

Strange you say “someone copied my pics off my listing i guess” the seller on ebay has a feedback score of %100 239 doen’t sound like somebody that would steal pics.

Something isn’t right here

I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but that eBay seller is also from Ohio. Columbus, to be exact.

Things aren't adding up... :X

You should sell this on CPF

I’m still left wondering why someone with such a good ebay record would steal your’e picture? If what you say is true
Still no mention of BLF

Here are my pics, If you are not interested then thats fine, but Im not sure why so many people are interested in accusations and not buying the light.

If your not in the market why even post???

Makes no sense at all , but I guess people have to do something to make them selfs feel feel important.
I wont reply to this thread again, If anyone is interested in the light and not harassment then just PM me and we’ll talk.*

PS. If I dont have a right to sell here, then please contact the mod and Im sure he/she will handle it.

Jerdad why don't you just post another pic with BLF written on a piece of paper.

Ok, if thats what it will take.

Aha, you didn’t find an image with “budget light forum” written on imageshak!

what are you talking about? I wrote the date today to try and calm every here down,
is this pic not enough proof??

I wont respond on this thread again.

Only PM’s

You said “yeah, i had it on there last week and someone copied my pics off my listing i guess

The ebay guy has “Onewings This and That Fun Shop” in his details

Your pictures are hosted at

What’s wrong with this?

I’m calling shenanigans You are the ebay guy why all the BS about someone stole your pictures?

Mod, Please close the thread, these people dont want to buy items in the buy items thread,
They are just bored and have nothing else to do with them selfs.

The light is no longer for sell here at this site.

Good. With that price it is hardly a budget light. Try CPF, they love Surefires there.