Surefire 30th Anniversary Set

Works out to be $5.36 per lumen :P

Okay you get a pen and some other gubbins as well.

I will admit I actually rather like that red/black/white camo finish.

yeah the camo is nice but i'm going to "BACKUP" from this

I actually saw one of these locally. It's... not pretty in person, or at least I didn't think so. Nice set for collectors, though.

Not visually appealing to me etiher even from pictures.

LOL, $590 LOL :bigsmile:

I thought you were joking so I clicked on the link. You weren't joking. LOL

And one more LOL for "Quantity" :bigsmile: Yeah, awesome price! Want 3 of that. LOL :bigsmile:

Maybe they'll have a buy 3 get one free sale. LOL

At that price it would be too expensive for me at buy one, get three free.

Nice April Fools` joke

A little bit early

You and me both Don.

Really that much?

Daylight robbery, no excuse...

Uh... no, sorry. It was released before Christmas

No camouflage in the world can make a $30 flashlight and a $20 pen worth $590.

LOL Looks like you have to pay at least $6,95 for shipping costs also LOL :bigsmile: These guys are f%&kin' crazy S)

We are clearly not the target market (this is BLF after all)

Sweet jeebus that set is ugly. I'd like to know who in the product department gave that the green light.

Maybe they did............trouble is it ended up red

And this is not a joke!

Price wise and looks wise...

They are fugly (green one is ok) but I bet there are a bunch of people out there who think they're beautiful. You don't even have to turn it on because you could see it from a mile away.