Surefire 6P LED

Hi guys, new here. I have a bone stock Surefire 6P LED and after testing it side by side with a stocking stuffer Saik Sa-9 I really want to increase its potency. I must say though I do not have any soddering experience and unless the replacements are "drop in" I really dont know if I could do them yet.

Some of my ideas are:

1.) Replacement driver/head?

2.) Replacement body for 18650 batteries?

3.) Best type and place to get rechargable 18650 batteries and charger?

And any other advice you guys have! (ie. cr123a vs 18650 worth it?)

I don't know the answer to your 18650 body question, but there are a number of nice Drop-ins for your light. XML would be my choice, but XPG is nice as well. These should all just drop right in with no modifications.

  1. Not being a smart-ass but unless you are emotionally attached to the 6PL I'd sell it on CPF and buy a Solarforce complete setup with XM-L and pocket the difference.
  2. If you wish to keep the 6PL host, get an XM-L drop-in from Manafont or solarforce sales.
  3. If you want to run 18650 cells (I highly recommend you do) and the 6PL only takes 2xCR123A then see my first suggestion.

The solarforce torches are every bit as well made as far as body, machining, and anodization. As for internals there is no comparison...solarforce blows it away.

No smart-ass-ness (is that a word?) taken. Believe me if I didn't get a killer deal on the Surefire during a Lowes clearance sale I would be super pissed. It's not that it is bad its just not great at anything and lights for <$10 can blow it out of the water.

I had a $urefire (old incan) I bored out the body with sandpaper, duct tape, 6 inch 3/8 extension, and a drill so the 18650 will fit . I got a XML u2 drop in. works great.

This would work

3 mode



18650 tube (with free head and tail cap)

or you can try to bore out the SureFire one

I don't see the point of boring the surefire body when you can get an L2 for $12

Boring : $25 or $12 and 4 hours of your time.

New Solarforce body that takes 18650s: $12

Choose wisely, and remember where you are. ;)

+1 on all that!

"18650 tube (with free head and tail cap)" LOL! Love it!

If you want to keep the surefire, then you can always try the 16650 cells sold on intl-outdoor. Otherwise I recommend getting a new Solarforce L2 as has been suggested above. For 18650 cells I think the manafont/ultrafire 3 mode drop-in is still the best value for money, but you can get some great custom drop-ins from a member on here, I can't quite remember his username (F1350 or something similar I think).

EDIT: It's E1320, I was close ;)

Remember to tightly wrap any high output drop-in during assembly to counter any heat issues, or your output will be significantly less.

I use 17670 batteries in my G2 Nitrolon. I changed the 6v Incan drop-in with a 3-18v XRE Neutral Q5 and it works well both with 2xCR123s/ 2x16340s and 1x17670s. You can also get 16650 batteries from to be more close to cr123s width.
Just take a drop-in with an extended voltage range over 4.2v for cr123 compatibility, any p60 drop-in should work otherwise.

+1. That's a nice host and an industry standard. Get a new drop-in and some 17670 batteries and it will be a nice setup.

+2 on kokopelli

I use a cheap DX r2 drop in on mine and use 2 - 16340s

I love Solarforce as much as the next guy here and my boatload of Solarforce flashlights proves that, hell I even bought the L2T Stainless Steel edition which many here have essentially said is a waste of money. But to me, a Surefire flashlight is done right by boring it out if you insist on using 18650 batteries. I'm about to have 5 of my Surefires done that'll cost me close to $100 for the labor. As much as this website is full of cheapos (no offense), flashlights as a hobby should be given as much of your passion and your wallet as you can. To me, $20 to have one Surefire bored out is still worth it...I'm doing 5, so obviously I'm willing to spend more and I can say I am a cheap bastard in general, but willing to spend if necessary for this wonderful hobby!

I use 17670's in my two 6P's. For some reason I always wanted a stock P60L module to say I had one.

I am pretty fond of that dual white/red drop in Manafont has. I have one with that in it and another with a single mode XRE 5B tint that I built (first time attempt). Both are relatively throwy, but not extreme.

Where are you getting them bored for 20 dollars ?

FastTech have new Sanyo 16650’s rated for 2100mAh. Seems better than 1400mAh for a 17670. :3 I bought a pair, one for my G2L and one for my M951. Though in all honesty, it might be better to keep CR123s in a weapon light. sells bored out Surefire bodies, if you want to stick with Surefire. It’s not easy but they can be bored out if your handy. I’m sure there’s threads somewhere.

As for dropins, VinhNyugen makes a beauty of a dropin, if I were you I’d get an XML2 6000k dedomed dropin from him, one or three mode.
If you don’t want to bore it out yet but want to achieve full power I suggest an
IMR 17650, it’ll fit a stock Surefire6p

This would work nicely I think

You won’t get the runtime you would with an 18650 but you will achieve amazing output :wink: probably 900-1100 lumens

WTS: P60 Drop in Light Engine | Candle Power Flashlight Forum)

As someone new to hacking on the 6P lights….how do the Nitrolon bodies hold up the increased heat from the larger LEDs being thrown into them?

I just ordered a SF XPG R5 single mode (~300 lm) drop in, but I have a feeling that isn’t going to be my first/only mod.