Surefire 6P on Flea Bay


That is really a bargain

actually, they clearenced those of at lowes, they were selling for $40 at my store, (and less im sure at stores with more revenue)

also, be careful, this is a high theft item in alot of retail stores. if you buy it for cheap on ebay, it IS stolen. period

I hope you got my sarcasm!

Paying 44$ for a 65 lumens incan light when you can get a 1000 lumens for around

25$ seems ridicolous to me. I have a Surefire, but the quality of it is not worth the

20$ when compared to a Solarforce clone.

Well , a bargain ? Cheap for a 6P , they sell for over $100 here in Oz , i've seen $120 ...

So if you need to buy one ???

A Solarforce L2 body for $15 or less posted , now thats my speed ..

The Surefire loving was the primary reason for my disillusionment with CPF. It seems that people were more interested in buying the most expensive set of flashlights they could find, thinly justifying it with "quality" and "military-grade". They even have a paid Surefire rep on the forum! It still seems to be true today, with people buying multiple versions of the same expensive light to show off.

I'm glad Solarforce has taken up the mantle of supplying equivalent quality at a fraction of the price.

I have enough L2's to attest to that , but this price is good , Used P6's go for this price and more .. So to buy a new one ?

Id rather buy new than used .. Im no surefire lover , but a good price is a good price , never mind you could buy a L2P + L2X for that price [ and I would ]

I never did understand the almost reverent love shown for surefire. Especially now when Solarforce is making quality hosts for 1/4 the cost. I mean, it's just a tube of much difference can there really be?

Surefire is a American made light , and Americans being good folk , there supporting a local product ...

I dont see a problem with this , in no shape or form what so ever .. Wave that flag ...

But yeah , a little too much fiction though ..

If it wasn't for your Surefire 6P review on Jayki, I might even have been tempted at that price. Just about twice what a probably better Solarforce would cost when they are having one of their sales.

Somehow, I don't think I'll be buying one. My ITP A3 can give 65 lumens for as long from an AAA.

So far only 5484 views .... So maybe 5000 Surefire fans that dont like me ...

strange. the 6p we sell at lowes is 80 lumens lol