Surefire E2D Defender Ultra VS Malkoff Bodyguard V2

Not so budget-friendly flashlight discussion. I’m looking for some unbiased and biased feedback on what your thoughts are to ultimately help me make a choice.

Both these lights hit the mark in the following ways:
-Dual fuel
-Simple UI/modes
-Max output around 1000lm
-Great warranty

Reservations for Malkoff:
–10 second stepdown
–1000lm to 200lm stepdown

Reservations for Surefire:
-Pocket clip
-Crenulated bezel

My reservations might seem trivial to some but I think it’s justified given the cost of these two lights. Thanks in advance

I’d go with Malkoff for sure. hi/Lo switch is what makes a difference plus you can always add a clip.

Since you have not mentioned what this light is going to be used for: Go with what appeals you most. It’s an emotional thing.

Are you thinking about a different Malkoff model? The Bodyguard doesn’t come with high/low switch and already comes with pocket clip

Just my opinion…

Although I’m assuming your main reasoning is for “blinding light,” you might consider how often you’ll actually use it for such, and the propensity for using it for other things more utilitarian.

I have the first gen SF E2D Def LED (currently experimenting with a LF head and tailcap). Although I like the idea of the bezel for certain things, it is sharp in the pocket. I don’t like the raised areas around the tail cap. Additionally, it’s not really dual fuel… unless you count the LiPo SF batteries at half the run time, or an aftermarket 16650 which will give you less output.

However, as an emergency light, I like having a lower lumen in cases such as if I’m stuck at night in the middle of nowhere and need to see where I’m walking, or something similar where I might need a few hours of minimalistic light… I don’t really camp, so reading a map or similar in the dark isn’t high on my priority list, but it’s another reason. Similarly, I like the two way pocket clips, as I’ve occasionally clipped my lights to the brim of my hat for hands free use.

I don’t own a Malkoff, but of the two you mentioned I would probably lean towards the BG if I had a secondary light for general utility. Similarly, if I needed something for longer term searching or identifying I’d probably go with the BG. If I was just going with one light, I’d probably lean towards the SF, but would probably carry it in a belt pouch… I would often keep my E2D Def in a vertical sunglass holder on the shoulder strap of my backpack when riding the motorcycle to different states. I did a lot of riding at night, as the days were spent visiting with family and friends.

As a side note, one time I had to pull over because my blinkers weren’t working properly. It was pretty dark, and I had to check the connection with the battery (LED turn signals). I would have hated to have 1000+ lumens shining back at me as I worked on the bike. The Malkoff’s 250 lumens might still be a little overpowering in that situation… although I’d probably prefer 15-35 lumens which isn’t offered by either mentioned model.


Thanks for your input. All things considered, I went with the Malkoff. I’m an active LEO and carry a high output light along with an off-duty pistol. The role for my main light is for threat assessment rather than task accomplishment. I have a Lumintop EDC01 on my keychain for tasks. Thanks again for sharing!

Let us know how you like it! If you would be so kind, could you list the diameter of the head and a pic of the beam profile? Also, are you going with the 18650 or 16650 version?



Will do! The head diameter is one inch. I went with the Bodyguard V2 which takes 18650 and CR123.

malkoff junkie,

The username says it all haha

I love my Malkoff MDC E2HT. Excellent compact single cell tac light. Momentary / click forward press tail switch with cigar ring make this an excellent single output EDC pistol companion. A bit of artifacts in the beam spill with a tight hot spot with plenty of throw.

I own numerous Malkoff lights and drop-ins. Nothing finer on the market for build quality and reliability.

Surefire E2D Defender Ultra and stick to CR123a’s. Some report that the lithium-ion 16650’s lower voltage trips the light to low mode. I’ve been using these for years with never an issue Titanium Innovations CR123A 3V Lithium Battery - Reports indicate it should be a great tactical light. So what’s your off duty carry, I went with the Glock 43X with Shield arms 15 rounders.


That’s a great looking light. My main flashlight for patrol is the Malkoff Wildcat. I don’t own any Surefire lights and was open to the idea of getting one. I’m sure I’ll get one eventually. Thanks for sharing!

Yep … the Wildcat is tough to beat. I own a few and love em.

Nice collection!

I appreciate your input. I ended up going with the Malkoff mostly because I don’t want the crenulated bezel. You LEO too?? Off duty carry is CZ P10C with Holosun 508t or G43 depending on weather

I’m at 27 years this month would like to go to 33 but contemplating retirement every day. With retirement and 457b I’m just about at break even. Just a little preaching but be generous with a 457b if your agency has one. Mine has grown big enough to help with that retirement choice. My tactical light is the Pflexpro with the Cree XP-L2 V5 5000k at 3.8 amps My duty light is the Mateminco TK01 with the head thermal epoxied sealed/potted. It fits the leather Streamlight stinger holster perfect, tail flaring just past the leather. I don’t like the crenelation either, they eat shirts, and car seats.

Congrats on the long career and being so close to retirement. I’m only 3 years in with 17 more to go…and I’m 41 years old haha. Funny, I have the same Pflexpro light on my nightstand right now