Surefire G2 Nitrolon Clone (Single-mode, R2): Old School Buys (Part 1)

Reminds me of my old Solorforce L2Ps.

Got a pair of NexTorch all-nylon-body lights that take drop-ins. Even the head is nylon, so either gotta use a hotwire bulb, or anæmic ~30lm LED module. Anything hotter would likely cook itself.

Thanks for sharing your impressions. Damn shame SF disco’d that light. I’m in your camp when it comes to nostalgia pieces. I had 4 or 5 of the originals, all the colors. Gave away a couple, wife lost two. Someday I hope to find one hidden under a piece of long static furniture. Great no bullsh!t lights that worked every time you twisted the tail or crushed the tail switch.

Is the head on the clone aluminum or ‘nylon’?

I picked up one of those NexTorch from illumn when they were $8. Perfect budget light to run 1x18650 with the included bulb for ultra cheap 100cri :sunglasses:

Head is aluminum.

Am I missing something? NextTorch seems expensive.

One thing I hate about Nextorch and other manufacturers is that they seldom or never tell what emitters they are using.

They are. Obscenely so. :laughing:

That’s why I grabbed a few when they were around for that price.