SUREFIRE tailcap

Hello everybody

anyone know of, used, recommend a clickie tailcap replacement for a surefire g2?
the whole cap that looks like the original?


Give Surefire a call. They just sent me a new tailcap for my G2Z that I’ve had for a decade. They warrant their products for life to whomever currently owns ’em.


Ah nuts…. I just caught you said clickie. No idea about a full out replacement, sorry.

As an aside my G2, also about 10 years old, not only wears a G2Z head but also has the stock tailcap modified with Garrity Ozark guts making it a clickie. This was a popular mod back in the day. Now I suspect a McClickie would be the way to go to mod your tailcap into a clickie. You’d need to check that the McClickie is compatible though.


Just had a thought…. would a Solarforce L2N tailcap work?

mine works fine I just prefer a clickie

IIRC, the G2X tailcap will fit on the G2. ;) Just call them up and ask for one, I actually use a G2X tailcap on a few solarforces because I can lock it out. has a replacement G2 with Clicky tailcap. There’s also do it yourself parts for madding your twist cap to a McClickie

For the DIY

And buy out right

I have the yellow G2 with McClickie and love it

I wouldn't bother with Overready, you bought a G2 so call them up and say "Hey, I have G2 and it's pretty great but I would love for it have a clicky. I heard that the G2X tailcap will work with the G2. Would it be possible to purchase one?" They will then just send out a G2X tailcap free of charge. Their CS is the best CS ever.

Good point Scaru, he should definitely try that first

How much of a gap is left between G2X tailcap and G2 body?

Can't say I know, I just know that the G2X tailcap will work on my solarforces (and my G2X) which are the same size (approximately) as the 6P/G2.