Surprise to the guy taking a leak

I was outside with my dogs, letting them do their final watering, when one of the dogs got a scent and started to bark. They led me to the fence along side the road.

My dogs both zero'd in at the fence and continued to bark, letting whoever it was, know they have been made. I had my Astrolux S1 (along with my pistol on my hip) in hand, and walked up to the fence. Someone coughs.

I lit the guy up with 1400 lumen. He was blinded as I put more shine on him and his car than he was expecting. I asked, what's going on? The guy mumbled...he was stopping to take a leak. As he quickly got in his car and drove away.

My dogs, and the Astrolux S1 addressed the problem. The guy was literally blinded when I lit him up.

There’s a guy in my neighborhood who likes to blind people. He lives across from a big empty grassy area, where people like to go sometimes to stargaze or chat, or I find it useful for practicing saber katas on summer nights. However, when anyone is using the space, the guy across the street likes to shine his spotlight and yell things like “What’s going on?! What do you think you’re doing?!”

But it’s not his property and the people on the grass aren’t doing anything wrong. He’s just being obnoxious.

So… how about giving him a taste of his own medicine? Got any lights that can reach that far and are bright enough to make him insecure in his manhood? :smiling_imp:

The area I live is 25 minutes away from minimal services. When a vehicle stops at night, it's broken down, or they're up to no good.

The instance last night was minor compared to what myself and my few neighbors here have dealt with over the years.

Stolen boat motors, the attempt at stripping vehicles, breaking in vehicles, stealing gas, stealing car batteries, and then some.

They guy across from the park, he's being a (insert phrase here)

I had the same idea, hit him with a blast of xp-l power followed by some strobe

ARsee, it was a hilarious story when just reading the OP, but your next post changed that a little.
good it all worked out well and he left, stunned by LED power :smiley:

Indeed TK, shine back and yell “what kind of LED does your light have?” mine has XPH35hi :smiley:

Isn’t that why we build throwers? For guys like that! :smiling_imp:

(on a foggy night it will look like giants having a light saber dual) :wink:

You need a supply of bright-light-hating wasps (grin)

Or a group of friends each holding a big mirror.

I’ve read that in the early years of the Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco, the San Francisco tourist bus companies started driving through the area so the visitors could look at the hippies. And the locals would bring out big mirrors and run alongside the buses holding the mirrors up to the windows ……

Or they can’t wait half an hour to pee. :slight_smile:

Of course, the cases where stuff went missing would generally be more noticeable and memorable.

I am glad it worked out for you.

Imagine if you had my TN42vn 2400 lumen/780Kcd?!! He would be seeing stars for a week!

I have used my lights a few times when people were being idiots.

This guy kept tail gating me w/ his brights on for no reason. After the Third stop sign[~3/4 of a mile]. I slowed down rolled down my window and took my TK61vn V4 [1800L/770Kcd] out and blasted him. Guess what, he stayed far back until I turned. I felt NO guilt whatsoever about doing that! :wink:

Back in the day, my old Cav had 4×6 lights in front, which I promptly replaced with H4 halogens, 90W/130W each. Ran separate circuits of 14ga to each light, each separately fused. Outboard lights were solo low-/highbeams, inboard lights bright only (on their own switch).

When I wanted daylight, I’d flick the brights on the regular headlight circuit, and flick on the inboard “landing lights”. :smiley: So figure 130W × 4 lights of halogen power. :smiley:

I’d be coming home from sis’s house in the wee hours (almost no other cars on the road), just cruising doing maybe 50 in the right lane (of 2 or sometimes 3 depending which area). Lots of deer, didn’t want one as a hood-ornament, so was happy with that speed. I’d get these jackasses riding right up my pipe, like, what?, I’m supposed to move to the left to let them pass?!?

And then I’d get those asshats who’d actually flash me to speed up, like, what?, you can’t just pass me??

Or worse, I’d get the jackasses who’d want to “teach me a lesson” by leaving their brights on while following behind me and refusing to just pass. So I’d slow to 45… 40… 35… ’til they’d get tired of the game and finally pass me. And THEN


I’d light ’em up but good, then keep ’em on ’til they’d eventually get out of range.

I have a bicycle retroreflector hanging in the back window of our car — it bounces glare directly back toward the source.
It’s been remarkably good at getting the “bright” tailgaters to back off and go to low beams, as it sways and turns so it flashes irregularly at them.

EDIT: from here:

These are made to European Union standard for efficient reflection and noticeably brighter than the stuff made in China, in my experience.

Useful info:

Sounds like a good excuse for a field trip to TK’s neighborhood. Everybody bring their brightest light(s), one of us can do the creepy clown thing, it will be loads of fun :slight_smile:

post “guards” at all entrances to the general area? they cover every road, so you know when the police are on their way, well in advance…

everyone has giant zoomies, ala uf1504s “or better”… and you all hit his house from all angles constantly…

when you get “word” the police are on their way? everyone instantly goes back top playing chess… lmao…

as soon as the police leave? back to the lights torture… lol

note that the “guards” posted on all road access? make this feasible…

after a few times the police get tired of him calling? when “nothing is happening”? he’ll have to quit…

and yeah… i live in a “bad area”…

been burglarized and robbed several times, inside and out…

i’m more prone to come out with a flashlight and a 357 than any other “response” when i hear anything fishy…