Sweet Elfeland Flashlight!!

Look at this. Please someone buy it and review it??
I spent all of my money of football tickets!


Looks interesting, but I want to know about the UI…

First, replace the LB emitters with something decent…

Maybe UV on the side “pods”? With a White output in the center?

Cool white in center for throw, High-CRI Nichia in pods for up-close color rendering?

Custom firmware driver, white spot in the middle, red/blue strobes on sites for Police Car “WooWooWooooo” mode? :student:

Hmmm. Looks vaguely familiar

Wow thats an odd one! 8000 lumens though! :slight_smile:

interesting concept

I’ve never been to Elfland….Elves need 8000 lumens? :stuck_out_tongue:

Elves must like lights that look like rocket ships.

It would be kinda cool after some mods. Very different that’s for sure.

From the looks of it, Elves also like lights with a “3 finger salute” capability…… :open_mouth:


Can’t say I’m not impressed by the idea behind this light.

8000 lumens? 10A per led? :confounded:

Even with the “Danger Will Robinson!” arms on it, it’s still only weighs 105g.
A good C8 weighs 135g +

Anyway good for a laugh.
Thanks for sharing

Dang, out of stock! Sold out quick. Well, they only had 3 to sell, or was that 3 LED's