System to track all your rechargable batteries?

Do you guys have a system to keep track of all your batteries. I am changing to use rechargable batteries, 18650, 14500, 10400, aa, aaa. Every time I take out a 'new' battery, I have to use the DMM to check them. Any good system, or way to keep track of all the rechargables? Keep them all rotate and in sharp.

A little sticker with a number on each battery and a Excel file with "status", "date of charging", "number of use", etc..

I use 1/2" masking tape and write a number on it and its tested mAH and last voltage it was measured at after it came off the charger and rested a few hours. Thats for my NiMH cells.

For my Li-Ion i use a Hyperion 720i hobby charger that is 100% controlled by my laptop and it keeps records of every cell and charge i run threw it, You just cant be lazy and not enter the info as its easy to forget. But i have a full database of every Li-Ion cell i own and a corresponding discharge and charge cycle and capacity levels. Since im on the budget forums i cant say i actually paid so much for something, So i got it from a crackhead for $5 if that makes everyone not look down on me.

Before that i just used my Pila and marked the cells like i mentioned how i do my NiMH cells with masking tape. BTW a very fine felt tip marker writes best on tape. Ball point pens will make you pull your hair out.

Thanks for the tips, Davx, and DasFriek. No hobby charger for me at the moment. So, markers and masking tapes for me for now.

I use your system okyeung. Take one out of the pile and test it with the DMM. I’m self aware enough to know I’ll never be more organized than that. I would like to learn more about hobby chargers though.

Langcjl, Good to know someone use my system!

I too have been wondering about how I will keep a track of things now the battery count is building.