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Um... So what is this poll asking exactly?

Hello SirJohn,this is Wendy, I just try to posting our info in this commercial place.but I really don't know how to do this. .I tried but it seems I was wrong.

Good question ..

since it bumps someone elses poll .. it becomes a very good question .

While we're asking questions .. what's up with power wholesale .net It never worked ..i spent lots of time searching thru products and putting them in a cart and ... nothing happened ..I wasn't able to check out or pay for anything .. just an hour or more of pure wasted time .. what was the point of that ?

Does work or not ?

Dear Boaz , I am sorry our powerwholesale website has some problem recently,we are still improve it. it is our wholesale website,so it cann't paymetn directly. you can email me your exact quantity,I always email you first time. Or you just want to place order directly,please take a visit our retail websit is at: www.bestinone. net .Thanks very much!

Hi, I changed the date on the original post so it doesn't bump the other poll.

Hello sb56637 ,thanks

Too much gin for me.....tomorrrow I'll do rum & coke.

Any Chinese speakers here to help? It seems very needed.


Drink enough gin and you can speak chinese.

What can I do for you, Sir? lol

Oh, it's Wendy having alot of issues making an usfeul post. Or so it seems. :)

On the other hand YAY! We have a native Chinese translator that might come handy. ;)