SZFEIC New Year Giveaway - Light Up Your 2024 with SL35 Headlamps! - Winners announced!


One of my best new years days was an early morning hike to a nearby mountain and hot tea at the top!

Sweet nice giveaway count me in.

I’ll add to the count toward 100. Welcome to the forum! If I’m outdoors using a headlamp, I’m either underground or doing the same things I’d be doing inside (building something). I almost always carry handheld, but I don’t have any dual beam lights with good emitters, and I like the battery location and design of yours.

3 winner of 100 different ID user

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Well, that makes me feel much better (do you feel lucky, punk?).

I’m in!

Happy New Year !–To everyone Be safe , healthy—I’m In

I’m in.

I’m in,love headlamps!

In it to win it … :beer:

Thanks for the opportunity to enter the drawing, I am in!

We might be kicking off 2025 with this giveaway by the time we get 100 users, but I’ll do my part and join.

Jeff (pronounced Kevin)

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BUMP, can we reach 100 users?

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who cares, they already made advertisement.

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The 5 winners were announced ??? If so, I missed it. I see a list of entrants, no winners.

Bump! With me you need one less

Count me in :slight_smile:

Count me in too :wink:

Here’s another to get to 100.