T20CS Vs. 7G6CS, pocket tactical thrower?

Which one you would consider the best pocket thrower?

Size is similar, Crelant is just a little bigger both for lenght (170 vs 140) and head (48 vs 38)

Crelant has U3, but the advertised output (715 Vs 658) are close enough to not be really discriminant. Sure the reflector plays a major role, both them claim to be powerfull pocket throwers.

The layout is similar too, with side mode switch. But Crelant has variable ramping, and SWM has preset levels but the side button can actually switch on/off the light, pretty unique.

T20CS has a low voltage indicator light (red led) but also costs almost double the 7G6CS

Both the lights have "tactical" forward tailswitch that access max output and can be used for signaling/morse.

Aesthetic is pleasant for both them, but SWM has the edge both for unique design and machining quality and finish.

All in all, (forget the price for a moment) which one you consider better and why?

Can’t forget the price, not even for a moment: Crelant! :slight_smile:

Found this looking for info/review on the Crelant and couldn’t resist! :wink:

I’d go with the Sunwayman. Wasn’t the Crelant said to be under-driven?

Just joking around here, being a “Budgeteer” I’m always thinking about the price! :slight_smile:

One of the things that appeals to me with the Crelant is the price. It’s not terribly expensive, although the Sunwayman is only about $30 more that’s enough to buy yet another flashlight!

I’d be interested to know some comparison facts like the OP asked nearly a year ago, since they are very similar in size/style/rated output. I wonder how much of a difference there really is between these two, or if there is a different light in this category that I should be looking at since these both have been around for a while…