Table of tested chargers, comments?

For me, I’d be happy with just the basics:
All charges
NiMH only chargers
Universal chargers (NiMH+LiIon)
LiIon chargers (Any charger with support for LiIon)
Analyzers (All chemistries)

For chargers that support >70mm long cells, maybe you could color the max cell length in green in the table? That would make it stand out a little more for people looking for that.

Suberb work, as always, HKJ!

I have added many more chargers and now the first post shows a page from my server.
It is also possible to select between different indexes.

I am still very open to comments:
Improvements to the index
More explanations
Errors in the index (There will be some).

Very nice indeed! :+1:

I have been tinkering a bit more with the index adding more data and more different indexes.
Two tables have an extra column now.


Just gonna throw out some wishful thinking, having all this info with a search like would be amazing!

I am not going to do that. With all the indexes I have made you will usual be able to get a fairly limited number of chargers to select from.

Ozythemandias has been contacting me just as insistently :slight_smile:

With permission, I could import the data in a few hours. I’d be willing to do it without any form of compensation either, meaning none of my affiliate links anywhere on the page. I didn’t do any of the work, after all.

HKJ, if you are curious what this could potentially be, I can throw together a private prototype just for you to look at. If you don’t like it, it will be deleted.

It is less than 200 entries, it is not much for a search database.
I have nothing against a parametric search, but for me the problem is that maintaining another index would be more work (I do add a new entry about once a week).

Not a problem, I would handle the maintenance side of things. Whenever you revise or add more entries to your index, I can insert the new data to mine.

I do not see why you are waiting, I have no problem with people republishing my date as long as they add proper references to my website.
If I like it I might also add a link on my website to it.

Great chart! It’s alot easier to find the good/bad chargers.

I have a suggestion, instead of overlapping smiling face for a 1 1/2 rating, can you do a smiling face and a half of a smiling face that don’t touch each other?

I am looking for a new charger and this table will be a very good resource. thank you!

I like the overlapping faces better :slight_smile:

Most people do care quite a bit in my experience, thank you for being so chill about it.

I’m basically done and am putting on the finishing touches now. If I want to flesh out some details (like MSRP, official pages, and paired bays) it could take the rest of the weekend.

I’ve found a few minor typos: the Fenix ARE-X1+ has backwards battery diameters. The JetBeam i4 Pro and TrustFire TR-001 have backwards lengths. The Ikea Veinninge has “0.02 amps” for the “max all slots” current.

edit: The HG-1206W has 0.3/0.6/0.6 for the currents which is weird but I think I understand what is going on there. The BT-C100 has 1.6 for “max all” and 2 amps for “max single” which seems weird for a single-bay charger. What is up with that?

It is the internet, I have no way of controlling my data. In my opinion the best way is to let people use it and ask them to credit me (with a link).

And some hours every week from no on (Prices changes).

Thanks, I have fixed it.
Errors was unavoidable when typing in data for nearly 200 chargers.

The 1206 has 0.6A, it can be delivered to a single cell or shared between two cells with 0.3A for each.
The BT-C100 is a bit problematic, probably 2A in both field are more correct, but it is only valid for NiMH.

Found one more typo, the SC-C5 has the wrong chemistries listed.

So I feel the prototype is ready for you guys to take a look at:

I’ve added three requested features already. Whether or not a charger is enclosed, common cells that should fit, and how many channels a charger has. Though I was only able to find 4 that didn’t have the expected number of channels.

Next I’ll be adding MSRP information. Or maybe buying a new charger :slight_smile:

HKJ, I hope you like how it is looking.

That was bad, my generator swapped two chemistries, it is fixed now.

What do you mean by channels?

Same thing that you mean by channels in your reviews. If a charger can only do pairs of batteries, then it has half as many channels. Hank had asked for this information to be included so I put it in.

Number of channels and doing batteries in series is not the same thing.
The Ikea 12 slot charger has two charge channels, but do not do batteries in series or change the charge current depending on number of batteries.
All chargers where the current is red do AA/AAA batteries in series.