Table of tested chargers, comments?

Table of tested chargers, comments?


this is incredibly helpful, thank you!

This is really nice.

One comment/suggestion: I would make separate columns for each chemistry and then you can just put a green check mark in the column for each that the charger supports. I think this would make it a little easier to view.

For NiMH you may also want to add a note about whether or not it can support C and D sized cells. For Liion, maybe a note about how many 26650s fit since most 4 bay chargers can only fit 2 of the largest cells. You could probably create a couple symbols that represent each. Maybe put those symbols in the # of Slots column?

Good comments, let me try explaining about why I did it this way:
Column for each chemistry: Easier to see, but makes the table wider. I was planning on making multiple tables as I noted at the top.
Mostly 26=C and 32=D in diameter, this will have to go into the comments to the table.
Symbols for number of batteries works fine for 1-4 slots chargers, but the Ikea 12 slot spoils it (I am rather sensitive about the width of the table).

But I will see about adding something to say if the charger support full load of large batteries or not.

Panasonic BQ-CC55 — odd overlap, is that one, or two, smiling faces?

A key could help — I see two kinds of smiles — strong smile and faint smile — and am not quite sure what the distinction is.

One of them might be equivalent to this thing: ¯\

EDIT ah, you clarified in the following response. Still, it’d be good to add the info to the chart, about “1-1/2 smile” being one possible meaning

1½, the charger is better than one, but not good enough for two. I could also have used one with a big smile.

I like it!!! :+1: Very easy to read even at a glance, not cluttered and all pertinent information is present.

Can it be assumed :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: is a better rating than :slight_smile: ?

Is this a mixed rating, some good some bad; :slight_smile: :frowning: ??

Thank you HKJ………. :beer:



The ratings match my usual keywords for ratings, I am working on a list to include.

Thank you. Rating in that manner makes it all very easy & clear for almost anyone to understand, as far as I am concerned. :slight_smile:

Excellent, just excellent! :+1:

Might you squeeze in the number of cells (where you have the number of slots)?


would be the possibilities, I think.
I find the chargers that only allow pairs to be really annoying, as so many things I find use three cells.

Not a bad idea, but the picture of each charger already shows the number of cell that can be used in it.
Strike that comment…. there is already a column for number of slots. Anything besides what is listed already would be clutter, IMHO.

I really do like the key to the rating system also KHJ. I like it better than using a “big smiley”… this makes it easier to understand I think.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

I do not believe I can do that. I cannot see a good way to add that information to the list. I am not sure it will be a good idea to fill more information into the slot column.

I have updated the original post with the latest improvements.

Thinking a bit about it, I found a way. Now I will color the numbers in the two single slot current columns red, if the charger need a pair to charge.
I have updated the table.

Any comments about this?

No comment. Keep it as it is (now).
Thank you!

Pretty much whatever you decide works for me HKJ. This will be a very good and valuable reference. Thank you. :wink:

I cannot promise that 100%, other good ideas may show up.

I am also wondering about how many different indexes to generate (The only work for me is the initial configuration, after that it will be automatic):
All charges
NiMH only chargers
Universal chargers (NiMH+LiIon)
LiIon chargers (Any charger with support for LiIon)
Analyzers (All chemistries)
Good chargers
Bad chargers
Chargers with power bank function
USB powered chargers
Chargers support >70mm long cells.

It can easily be too many, I will have to limit it.

Great reference, thank you HKJ! Sticky’d.

Thanks HKJ. Great list.

That works for me, thanks for making it easier to tell which ones need that.

Might be nice if it was possible to sort by clicking on the the desired column, like slots, current, charger name etc. It’s always frustrating to have to through the entire table to find a specific charger. Most of the time if it’s not possible to sort I don’t even bother.