Tactical Flashlight suitable for Mountain Biking and Road Cycling

Hi Folks,

Done some searching with not much joy.

I’m looking for a Tactical Flashlight suitable for Mountain Biking and Road Cycling (Commuting & Touring) too.

I don’t have any soldering skills for Do It Yourself. So, an off the shelf or custom made product would be best I think.

I would like the light to have the following characteristics.

High CRI
4000K Max. Temp. (Neutral White)
Be able to light up the full width of a car lane; is an Orange Peel reflector more suitable for this purpose?
Long run time at 500 lumens
18650 Battery
No PWM dimming
Mode Memory
Defensive Bezel
Max Output: High enough for useful defense purpose; what’s a good minimum?
Useful Throw - what is considered a useful minimum for Max. Throw?

After creating a Spreadsheet for comparison purposes I thought I had found a winner which was the MF Tactical Delta-5.


LED: Cree® XP-L HD V5
1300 lumens / 4 hrs
910 lumens / 5 hrs 45 mins
520 lumens / 13 hrs
130 lumens / 40 hrs

However, after reading some posts on this Forum and receiving replies, from my last email, that did not properly address the questions, I have doubts about buying anything from them.

For example, when I asked about PWM Dimming regarding the Delta-4 & Delta-5, the response I received was “They both are digitally regulated, but brightness on both is related to battery charge state.”. Can someone translate please?

There is no Neutral White option neither.

Can anyone recommend a Flashlight with similar Output and Run Times and is available with a Neutral White LED?

Bike Handlebar Mounts
Has anybody used the following for Off-road use?

TrustFire HE02 Aluminium Alloy Bike Handlebar Light Mount

Fenix ALB-10 Quick-Release Bike Mount

Thanks, MTB.

Bearing in mind that an 18650 light is never going to be the best for cycling/mountain biking, then you should probably take a look at the following;

BLF A6 - a little old now, but cheap and a very capable light. Has a great “bike flasher” mode which gives usable light output, decent distance (throw) but is very visible.
AstroLux S43 - a similar light to the above, but with a higher maximum output and slightly improved colour rendering. More output Vs. runtime options should be useful.

For mountain biking, where you want to see further rather than be seen, I would highly recommend abandoning the idea of using an 18650 tactical style light and get something dedicated like this;